Watchtower Reply to Jury Verdict

The Watchtower released an official public statement about the $28 million jury verdict awarded to a former Jehovah’s Witness in California. The court found that the Watchtower Society, the North Fremont Kingdom Hall (CA), and Jehovah’s Witness Jonathan Kendrick shared liability in connection with the sexual abuse experienced by a nine-year old girl in the mid 1990s.

For Immediate Release
June 20, 2012

Jehovah’s Witnesses to appeal jury verdict
in California case

NEW YORK—Jehovah’s Witnesses will appeal the decision of a California jury in a court case involving alleged acts of child abuse.

The jury rendered a multimillion-dollar damage award to a woman who claimed that she was molested as a child by a member of a local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. At trial, the plaintiff claimed that the policies of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society contributed to the alleged abuse. “We respectfully disagree with the jury’s decision. This is the first time that an organization was found responsible for the alleged misdeeds of a member who held no position of leadership or authority,” states James McCabe, an attorney representing Watchtower in the case. “We are very sorry for whatever harm this young lady may have suffered. However, the organization is not responsible. We now look to the Court of Appeals for a thorough review of this case.”

J. R. Brown, a spokesman at the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses, commented: “The fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses abhor child abuse and strive to protect children from such acts is well-known. The individual members of any organization must ultimately bear the responsibility for their own actions, particularly when the acts are so flagrantly against the morals and principles of the organization and society.”

Media Contact:
J. R. Brown, Office of Public Information, tel. +1 718 560 5600

There are many personal stories that describe how the Watchtower handles child abuse complaints. I’ll respond in more depth on this subject in a future article.

2 thoughts on “Watchtower Reply to Jury Verdict

  1. This public notice for appeal against the Conti verdict is just sickening to me. The Watchtower Society saying that their organization is not responsible, is just another one of their devious attempts to deceive their members and save their money! I’ve witnessed the results of suffering from family members, that were molested by an elder. I’ve witnessed the cover ups and watched a child molester continue to hold an upstanding position, because it was hidden within the Kingdom Hall. No warning to those within the Hall, that a pedophile was giving talks and telling us how to live! The reason it was hidden was because my parents were told that it HAD to be, because that is what the Watchtower Society SAID. They are so bold as to say ” the fact that JW’s abhor child abuse and strive to protect children from such acts, is well known”. If this wasn’t such a serious issue, I would laugh at that remark!

  2. I too was involved in a cover up.
    I am ashamed to this day, that I allowed nothing to be done.
    JWs do NOTHING to protect children. NOTHING

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