The Truth shall set you free!

This website has a single purpose – to let the light shine on the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society and its followers known as Jehovah’s Witnesses. will publish the truth about the history and the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses since their late 19th Century beginnings. We will expose the facts about their changing doctrines and teachings. We will also provide a history of Watchtower leaders and and organization.

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One thing we want to make clear: This site is not being published to attack Jehovah’s Witnesses as individuals or their families, past or present, but rather to expose a religious belief that has not only lied to its own followers, but in many ways has also damaged or destroyed their lives.

We realize that not every ex-JW has a painful story to tell. There are many current and former members who will say that they lived very happily growing up in JW families. Some will even admit that they enjoyed many of their years as Witnesses. We want provide a truly balanced and well documented description of what it is really like to be a Witness and share happy stories along with the sad.

One thing we also want to make clear: We do not hold ourselves up as the ultimate experts in every aspect of the Watchtower organization.  At the same time, we do know this religious movement even better than a majority of current and active JWs do.

Those who will contribute and edit this website are former Jehovah’s Witnesses. Many of us still have family members that are or were associated with the Witnesses. Some of us still suffer from our association with the Watchtower Society and its rules.

We know what we are talking about. We know the truth about the Watchtower Society. We know about the lies that they have told their followers and to the rest of the world.

We also know that we will be attacked by Jehovah’s Witnesses and their apologists. We expect this website and our contributors to be attacked with comments from current JWs and others. We will receive comments from Jehovah’s Witnesses that will deny that they are or were JWs. We will get comments and maybe even threats from the Watchtower headquarters and leadership.

We are willing to take on this burden for now. It’s important that the truth is made available, not only to current Jehovah’s Witnesses, but also to those who might be studying with them and considering joining their religious organization. If you fall into that category, do yourself a big favor and at least study up a little bit ahead of time before you make a lifetime commitment to an entirely different lifestyle.

In 1943, the Watchtower Society published its first edition of a book called, The Truth Shall Set You Free.  Along with their Bible study primer, Let God Be True, Jehovah’s Witnesses studied with millions of potential converts, teaching and convincing them that only they, and they alone, had “The Truth.”

In fact, the Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses have referred to their organization as “The Truth” for over sixty years. That term is used interchangeably by them for their official name, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and for their corporate entity, The Watchtower Society. They often ask new acquaintances, “How long have you been in the Truth?” or “Is the rest of your family in the Truth?”

The fact is that there is very little truth in “The Truth.”

The “truth” they taught in the 1940s and 1950s is no longer current “truth,” but has been replaced by “new light” and new “truth.” This has been the case not just once or twice, but several times since then.

We believe that “The Truth Shall Set You Free,” but we mean it. It’s more than a book title to us. Only if you know the truth about your life, your job, your education, the people around you, and your religion, will you be able to make the right decisions about how you can guide your own life.

That’s the purpose of this website: Information, facts, data, exposure of falsehoods. Why? So that our readers can decide for themselves if being a Jehovah’s Witness is the right thing for them. If it is, then we wish them only happiness. If it is not, our hope is that they will find another path for their lives that is far less destructive to them and their families.

5 thoughts on “The Truth shall set you free!

  1. id like to see your commentry wirh a witness standing in front of you i willing to say you would speak a different tone
    rite rite

  2. The tone of your comment is very aggressive. What are they going to do? Fight me, hit me, kill me if I talk to them and try to point out the facts about the Watchtower Society and the damage that is being done to them? I would speak the same words in the same tone as I would with anyone else I’d meet – but maybe even softer and with more empathy since I know how confused and troubled they are inside. I’ve been a JW, so I know both sides and understand how they think and really feel. I really doubt that there would be that much of a confrontational tone in any conversation that I might have with either a true-believing JW or one that is thinking of leaving the religion.

    If you are a JW, which somehow I doubt, then I’m not sure why you would even suggest that any Witness – except for possibly somone who was deranged – would ever threaten me. Knowing that I am no longer a Witness would probably just result in their completely avoiding me.

  3. It can be a confusing religion if you are a custom to living at the devils side. The devil has a tight grip on this earth and has blinded the weak with all the things of this world. Many are ignorant and know that Jesus was the son of god and continues at his side on his throne in heaven, but refuse to stand up and say I know and believe that this is the truth. Let us not be ignorant and let the devil win this war. We have to stand up and proclaim the lords name as our savior. The people of this world live shameless with the sins that we commit and go on thinking that there debt will go unpaid. The lord will have his day and one by one we will all have to answer to him. If people ever had god in their heart, why close the door on him when he is sending you salvation. How many other religions offer the word door to door? If god isn’t in your heart you can’t beat it into a person, this is something that comes from your heart and it is the most wonderful feeling in the world to know that I shall not want for anything because the good lord provides all when we believe and follow his word, maybe you should try it.

  4. I am a fourth gen born in XJW. I have see a lot. Seen people sell homes, businesses and move to remote places to wait for the end to come in 1975. I have seen people die for not taking blood, parents turn away their own children, Children turn away parents, siblings and friends because they decided not to be part of the cult. This is a very dangerous cult. If you are not part of it don’t let them in. You will regret it. They have been wrong on everything they have ever preached over the years. I have seen people who are talented not take scholarships to preach and live on SS when they get old if they can get even that. The cult does not help or stand by its people. They ask kids to give ice cream money while the cult leadership drinks hundred dollar a bottle and up McAllen’s scotch. They are a cult and will destroy your life and what could be. The end is always just around the corner. Rutherford said in 1925 Millions no living will never die. They died. Joe Rutherford also said as he lived in his mansion in San Diago drinking illegal Canadian whiskey that Abraham Issac and Jacob would soon come back to life and that those alive in 1914 would live to see the end of the world as we know it. They did not and died. They lie and lie and lie.

  5. Jim’s comment, I find true. All this Watchtower exposure also gives them notoriety without defending and making the knowledge of “The God of Spirit and Truth” available.
    Who is seeking, asking, given and finds the knowledge that sets everyone “Free”? God has made self known and is making self known. Are We setting things straight for ourselves and humanity?

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