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This website recently was updated and is continuing to be modified through major reconstruction and redesign. Many components of the site are changing that will make it easier to read and to update. Like so many other projects, due to time constraints and myriads of other projects that I am involved in, require me to split my available time. In this website’s case, I’ll have to do it in small bits and bites (and bytes) to accomplish everything. I am still getting familiar with all of the new features and processes involved with the theme and layout. You may notice some rather awkward-looking pages and layouts until I get it completed.

Please bear with me as I have a dozen other projects going at the same time. At the same time, with a little hunting, you should be able to find most of the articles previously published on this site since it first appeared.

Some History

Ex-JW.com made its first appearance as a simple blog in January 2009. The first few versions were quite crude and offered very little at beyond the standard group of articles that described my early involvement with Jehovah’s Witness. 

I had grandiose plans for the website in those early years. But I soon realized that so many other ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who were also publishing quality websites. Many of them were critiquing the Watchtower in ways that were on point and effective. They were doing a much better job than I could ever expect to do. They had set the bar very high for me.

Over time, I managed to find time to publish a few articles each month based on current events. I also published a few that critiques the Watchtower Society and its leaders. I still understood that other “competitive sites” were doing that in ways that did not fit my style or interests. 

I decided to redirect my efforts toward helping other ex-JW web reporters. I helped Richard Kelly set up his first website that focused mainly on his family and his personal activities.  He suggested that I create some websites for some of his acquaintances. I took on a few of those projects that were, for the most part, personal or commercial and not related to anything connected to the Watchtower or Jehovah’s Witnesses.

My goal for EX-JW.com was that it would become my version of an equivalent publication that would be an ex-Jehovah’s Witness version of  Readers Digest, Time magazine, and National Enquirer all rolled into one. It would be designed for a readership made up of former and current Jehovah’s Witnesses and their friends and families. It would also provide additional “fodder” for other Watchtower critics.

There were other major goals that I set for the site:

Base everything I published only on factual history, current events, and the latest reports relating to the inner workings of the Watchtower and its leadership. I also wanted to point out the work of other former Jehovah’s Witnesses and their successes and failures. I would also avoid direct discussions or critiques of Witness theology, doctrinal changes or discrepancies, and anyone’s personal religious beliefs.

Here is how I announced the arrival of the first few postings:

“Ex-JW.com will be your online resource for just about everything you would ever want to know about the Watchtower Society, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and former Jehovah’s Witnesses.

If you are – or have ever been, associated with the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ organization, then you will want to visit here often. Here are just a few of the features that we plan to provide to our readers:

  • Directories to other Jehovah’s Witness websites
  • Lists of famous people and public figures connected to Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Book reviews. Books by and about Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Historic and background information about the Watchtower Society
  • Direct links to books and products about Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • News updates and links about JWs and the Watchtower Society
  • Guest commentaries and opinion articles
  • Current gossip and behind the scenes information about JWs
  • Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop website that will point you to the best (and the worst) of information and news about Jehovah’s Witnesses, ex-JWs, and the Watchtower Society.

In recent years I have joined forces with Barbara Anderson and now spend much of my time working with her in keeping WatchtowerDocuments.org alive, well, and active. If you are not familiar with her work or website, be sure to check it out soon. We will also be working together to publish Kindle and paperback books through Amazon.com’s publishing segment. We hope you’ll check them out and share the news with your friends. I’ll post the latest releases here as they become available.

If you feel you need to communicate, suggest a new article subject, or complain about something, the best way to contact me is to email me at johnahoyle@gmail.com.  I’ll try to get back to you quickly.

I’m glad to be back after a couple of years focused on other projects. In the meantime, keep watching this space.

And be sure to visit  Barbara Anderson’s WatchtowerDocuments.org

The Editor

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  1. Would it be helpful to a person to be directed to more positive truth instead of rehashing old ? Using words work not fight as most publications use, and forgiveness instead guilt and accusations ?

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