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    4 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. I am a disassociated ex witness I have some serious issues around my baptism, this is why, I have two educational disabilities dysplaxia and aspergers, at the age of 15 i was baptised but mentally I wasn’t 15 I was more like 12 so on this basis I didn’t truly understand what I was getting into, since then as I said I disassociated myself on the advice of my strict father, again I never truly understood what effect this would have on my life I would like looking forward for my baptism to be non void if this is at all possible

    2. Please don’t contact email.
      I am a practicing Jehovah witness in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
      Please pray me and my son. Marina and Igor.
      How practice with government?

    3. I have left jehovah witness. How do I stop them coming they tell you go on line and fill out do not call where I cant find it.

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