Candace Conti Videos Now Online

A set of eleven YouTube videos (soon on Vimeo, as well) about Candace Conti’s historic court case are now available. Access and view them by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Miss Conti and her attorney, Rick Simons of Furtado Jaspovice & Simons, A Law Corporation appeared before a group of supporters and friends in Walnut Creek, California on July 14, 2012. Two video cameras and an audio recording device were used to make a live record of the event. Those privileged to attend the private gathering all agreed that they had witnessed an amazing presentation.

If you want to learn the truth about one of the most significant legal cases of the 21st century, especially for Jehovah’s Witnesses, watch every one of the videos below and read the court transcripts (available on several websites and soon on this one as well). You will be shocked at the facts revealed.

There will be more on this subject here at within the next few days. In the meantime – WATCH AND BE AMAZED!


We encourage comments and questions. If you were (or are) a Jehovah’s Witness child abused by a member of your Kingdom Hall, please feel free to comment below or send a confidential email to

We want to read your comments and opinions on this most important and timely subject.


One thought on “Candace Conti Videos Now Online

  1. I was very impressed as I watched these videos of Candace, she told the story,of how it feels growing up as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses very well. It is all so true, and I am proud of her for being strong enough to take the stand she has against that organization. So many children have been physically, emotionaly, and sexually abused, with no support from anyone. As it was brought out in the interview, the victims were always blamed and shamed for even trying to get help from their religious elders! It brought back a lot of memories of how I felt growing up like that..I guess it made the little girl in me cry, and at the same time, I thank her for helping in the healing. I pray more and more abused JW’s will step up and tell their stories. Great Job Candace! Thank you from someone who understands.

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