“Truth Be Told” came to Seattle, Portland

The Truth Be ToldGregorio Smith’s documentary, “Truth Be Told,” was shown in the Pacific Northwest on Monday, September 16, 2013, in Seattle, Washington, and again on September 17th in Portland, Oregon.

I only live about 50 miles south of Portland, I was privileged to attend that showing.

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and was also able to meet a few of the principles associated with the film.

Scores of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses and their supporters had an opportunity to see the film in its full-screen version in the Pacific Northwest region.

“Truth Be Told” Official Website

100 Speak Out

Phinehas Treptow has taken on a big project and set himself an admirable goal to complete over the next few months. He wants to interview 100 former Jehovah’s Witnesses and their families.

Phineas will be making a unique documentary that will allow former Jehovah’s Witnesses to tell their own personal stories. He’s investing his time and effort into exposing the real truth about the Watchtower Society and its treatment and effects on families and individuals.

He will be traveling from his home in Massachusetts down the Atlantic seaboard to New York, south to Georgia, and maybe as far west as Tennessee and Ohio. Although he knows that there are many former and current Jehovah’s Witnesses living in other states who would love to tell their personal stories, for now he will have to limit his travels only to the eastern states.

For the moment, Mr. Treptow will have to limit his outreach to the east coast states because he doesn’t have the time or funds necessary to travel the rest of the country.

He hopes that his documentary will inspire additional former Jehovah’s Witnesses to step forward and speak out about how the abusive nature of the Watchtower organization has changed their lives.

“V” – well-known for his excellent videos found on YouTube.com and other popular websites (including this one), will be contributing his time and considerable talents to edit the video.

The final film will eventually be put online for anyone to watch free of charge.

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