A Sad Day

By Marco Garcia

It’s a sad day – sad because we have lost a great man. He was a man who was a defender of common sense and justice, someone who stood up for the truth and fought against imposing lies on naive people. He was someone courageous enough to go up against a powerful organization who manipulates millions of people by intimidation and fear.

A few years ago, while serving as an elder in a local congregation, I started reading Ray Franz’s book, Crisis of Conscience. I realized that the anomalies that I saw locally were not unprecedented and that the patterns and contradictions came from the very same world headquarters. I realized that corruption, lust for power, envy, personal conflicts, political games, and nepotism also take place within the Governing Body. That’s not exactly what most of us expected from the place that claims to be “guided by the Holy Spirit.”

I sincerely thank Ray Franz for his courage and the sacrifice he made when he decided to leave a very comfortable life as part of the nucleus of power as a member of the Watchtower’s Governing Body. He left a life where he got preferential treatment, surrounded by blind sheep serving “supermen” who claimed to be directed by the Holy Spirit of God.

He quit being a “rock star” in the world of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and became a shunned man – accused of being an apostate! The Watchtower Society did everything possible to discredit, defame, and accuse him. But he responded by continuing his fearless campaign to help others discover the falseness of the Watchtower Society.

Being vocal in expressing his views and defending the truth cost him dearly. He was removed as a member of the Governing Body, a special group of men who often implied that they were infallible and instruments of God’s Holy Spirit.  And yet these were men who dictated rules that have cost the lives of many people willing to serve God.

Ray left everything behind, and continued his fight for justice. He confronted and uncovered the contradictions of the Watchtower organization until the end of his life. He will be remembered not as a coward, but as a fighter for truth, someone willing to take a stand and to fight against a false prophet, an organization that has usurped the place of a mediator of God.

His fight and his legacy does not end with his passing. The search for justice continues against a false prophet who has deceived millions by using scare tactics and manipulation to control the blind herd.

Thank you, Ray Franz, not only for your books, but also for the fine leadership you’ve provided us for more than 30 years.

Marco Garcia lives in Pasadena, California. His original version of this article can be found here.

One thought on “A Sad Day

  1. Ray Franz is an example of the power of reason.. His life knowledge is like the ringed ripples of water that move ever outward and onward..Knowledge brings reform..it matters not to have that reform with your name plate inscribed..what matters is knowledge, like the ripples in the water. Knowledge brings understanding, with understanding, wisdom.

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