2012 Memorial Protest Planned in UK

On the evening of April 5, 2012 a protest will be held outside the headquarters of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Britain (IBSA). A protest representative informed the editor of Ex-JW.com that the group plans to protest the Watchtower’s harsh and unloving rules for shunning former members. They also plan to expose the Watchtower’s unfair and unworkable “Two Witness Rule” that protects pedophiles and criminals who are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Organizers are asking that anyone wanting to speak out against the Watchtower’s unscriptural and illegal teachings to join them. Show up in front of the Society’s UK Headquarters building the evening of the Jehovah’s Witness Memorial Celebration, Thursday, April 5th at 7:00 PM.

IBSA House, The Ridgeway, London NW7 (Stacey Harris) / CC BY-SA 2.0
IBSA House

The Ridgeway

Mill Hill

London, NW7 1RN

The Memorial Celebration will officially begin sometime after sundown and last about 90 minutes. Protest organizers would like volunteers to show up as early as possible. “The public needs to understand that the Watchtower Society is hiding the truth and lying about Jehovah’s Witnesses’ unfair and illegal practices within local Kingdom Halls in the UK and the rest of the world.”

Everyone joining the peaceful protest should prepare their own signs or banners and  print some leaflets to hand out to passersby. “We need to show those on the outside what is really going on within this dangerous cult,” states an organizer. “Please bring the coolest banners you can make and any leaflets you can print out.”

The organizers emphasize that their purpose is to educate the public using a forceful, but totally non-violent approach, and that personal and property rights will be respected at all times.

Background: The Reasons for the UK Protest

Shunning Former Members

Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to enforce heavy penalties against former members who have left the religion on their own or have been disfellowshipped (excommunicated) for sinful acts or “apostacy.” Even former Witnesses who did not “commit a sin,” but simply disagreed with doctrine or just wanted to leave the religion are completely shunned and ignored by their JW family members and friends.

“These are ridiculous rules and such harsh treatment should be banned – especially when it involves parents, children, and siblings,” says one organizer. “It violates our freedoms to freely associate and destroys family relationships. No religion should be allowed to do that here in Britain or anywhere in the world.”

The “Two Witness Rule”

The “Two Witness Rule” refers to a Watchtower Society guideline enforced by local elders when dealing with anyone in the organization accused of sexual abuse – especially against children. This guideline effectively prevents Witness elders from taking any disciplinary action unless a second witness exists and is willing to testify. Elders are powerless under the “Two Witness Rule” to act (including involving the police) even against those who admit to molestation or other sexual violations.

This illogical practice has gone on for nearly fifty years. It allows JWs guilty of serious sexual crimes to get away without any disciplinary or legal action being taken against them. The Watchtower still discourages its members from involving local civil authorities, police, or psychiatric specialists in these cases.

Organizers of the protest explain that the “Two Witness Rule” is ridiculous because pedophiles, rapists, and wife abusers don’t invite other witnesses to watch them commit their crimes. Pedophiles commit these types of sexual and traumatizing crimes  in private. When only the victim can testify about what happened, Jehovah’s Witness elders won’t do anything directly and won’t take any disciplinary action – unless the perpetrator decides to confess to the crime. If the victim complains to the authorities, then the elders can actually punish the victims (often a child and/or parent) for “bringing shame upon Jehovah’s name.” There have been reports of victims of sexual abuse being disfellowshipped for reporting the crime, while the abuser or pedophile gets off with a warning or minimal punishment. Some accused pedophiles continue to serve as elders in their congregations.

As a result, the Watchtower Society has faced serious legal problems for its apparent protection of pedophiles. Major legal cases are taking place in the United States and Australia that are not only damaging the public’s perception of the organization, but are forcing the Watchtower Society to pay out huge legal settlements. Protestors in London want to make sure that British citizens understand that the same problems also exist in the UK.

10 thoughts on “2012 Memorial Protest Planned in UK

  1. I would love to be there for this protest! I am an ex-witness and have personally witnessed this type of cover up that involved my on brothers and a pedophile “overseer” in our congregation years ago. He was never held accountable for his actions. Their lies definitely need to be exposed!

  2. By the age of 11 I started to be consciously aware of hypocrisy’s within the organization and it took till the age of 19 to finally be brave and strong enough, knowing full well that I would be forever emotionally scared and lose all I ever knew, to leave such a judgmental and fear inflicting organization. Let the real truth come to light. I pray that JW’s someday re-examine their current doctrines and accept how as imperfect they are just as the rest of the world and stop their emotional abusive ways of running their organization with the fist of fear!

  3. Fred is right. The reports I got were that a few people drove by, maybe with thoughts of joining the organizers, but did not stay. Apparently there was more enthusiasm for this protest in the USA, Canada, and Brazil than there was in the UK.

    I have not heard whether Rick Fearon (SixScreensoftheWatchtower.com) held his annual Memorial protest. There are videos on YouTube.com of his past efforts and very few actually show up for these things.

  4. Hello Hope, what made you emotionally fearful? Is there a Bible base standard of JEHOVAH that is so hard to do if we have strong faith that HE will be always be there for us if we remain loyal & obedient?

  5. Hello everyone! I’d like to share that it was one of my biggest mistake to look at the people running an organization or congregation and not just focus on the teachings they offered. People are imperfect ones, just like all of us commenting negatively against each other.

    Studying closely at the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses will lead us to get more light as to real DIRECTION & PURPOSE in life. All these negative commenting on each other are futile, at the end of the day, it will bounce back to one question address to no one but ourselves.

    If Jehovah’s Witnesses are not the instruments for truth to come to light these days, then let the light come out. Anyone who can do so?

    JAH bless everyone!

  6. Fruit of the spirit…What you’re saying doesn’t make a whole lot of sense..The problem with what you are saying is that you seem to be satisfied with what JW’s teach, knowing that all of their religious views come from a group of men who make things up as time moves along, changing their minds to cover their lies and calling it “new light” from Jehovah. Yes, men or imperfect but God is not! He doesn’t send or shed new light to a group of men who claim to have a direct channel from Him. Believing what sounds good to you, does NOT make it The Truth!! If you want to see the light come out, read your Bible…( not the NWT) that has been altered to fit JW’s religious beliefs. Do some research and think for yourself…Only God’s words are true.

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