Why So Quiet?

By John Hoyle, Editor

I want to apologize to all the readers and supporters of EX-JW.com for the  lack of activity on this website over the past three months. Although I’ve been very busy and spending very long hours at my computer, I am physically well and will return to editing and writing for this site and InsidetheWatchtower.com very soon.

Early in July I completed a total website redesign for author Dick Kelly (Growing Up in Mama’s Club). I’ve been Dick’s webmaster for over four years. Although his site was working fine, we both felt it had grown a bit tired. A couple of months earlier, Dick released a sequel to his first book (The Ghosts from Mama’s Club) and we wanted to properly showcase it. Both of Dick’s books are available at Amazon.com and are in the display carousel in the sidebar page right. My redesign was a departure from the norm, but the feedback has been consistently positive for the website and his new book. Check them out at RichardEKelly.com.

I was still touching up Dick’s website in mid-July when Cynthia Hampton, moderator and organizer of Ex JWs of Los Angeles, called and invited me to attend a special conference she was sponsoring in Walnut Creek, California. I jumped at the chance to meet Candace Conti, her attorney Rick Simons, and the two dozen other attendees. What a privilege it was to meet all of those great people! I enjoyed every minute that I was there listening to Candace and Rick tell their stories. I remembered to take my cameras to the event, but then left my cell phone (a Droid) behind at the meeting place. I had to turn around and race back (about 15 miles) to retrieve my phone before they all left and locked up the meeting room.

The good news is that I got some great video of the event. Several JW discussion sites and blogs have linked to the YouTube videos that Kathleen Conti (Candace’s mother) and I filmed and edited. I can report that in just over two months thousands of viewers have watched at least one or more of those video segments. [See previous article.]

After the conference, I traveled to Southern California to see family and friends and to conduct personal business. While there I was able to spend some time with Randy Watters, founder and editor of Freeminds.org. This was my first opportunity to meet Randy in person and he was a most gracious host. Also during my visit, Randy and I enjoyed an evening and dinner with a vacationing Paul Grundy and his son. As many of you know, Paul and his family live in Australia and he is editor and webmaster of the most excellent website JWFacts.com.

During the next few weeks, I will be helping Randy update some of his websites. Our goal is to make them more user-friendly by improving the archives and indexing system to make it easier to find your favorite articles on Freeminds.org.

There have also been several new developments in the Menlo Park story. I will update this ongoing saga of three elders who stood up to the Watchtower organization here on Ex-JW.com over the next few weeks. I will be publishing a series of articles and some court documents for those of you who have shown a real interest in this unique and troubling tale.

I also have several submitted articles in queue contributed by many well-known former (and some active) Jehovah’s Witnesses. I will be publishing them here and on my other websites over the next few months. If you have a story to tell or an opinion to share with our readers, please contact me at editor@ex-jw.com.

So please don’t give up on Ex-JW.com or InsidetheWatchtower.com. In fact, in just a few weeks I will be announcing my new JW discussion website. This new site will have many unique features that you should enjoy. Look for my announcement very soon.

Thanks again for all the kind words and comments. I really appreciate the broad reader support this website has enjoyed over the past five years.

I’ll quit whining now…

One thought on “Why So Quiet?

  1. Hola! Nice to see you back! Wow- Jehovah’s Wittnesses are far over my head completely nuts! I a so grateful that my husband and I deprogrammed our brains- it took a long time. And yes- our childhood was one of mind control and isolation. I love my parents dearly, but the thought of Jehovah never brought me love or happiness. Everything I did, I was afraid that I angered that crazy mother fu****. Thanks for your enlightenment. 😀

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