Watchtower is at it again: Inheritances and Assets

Contributor: Mario Polgar

I am writing this article to share my personal experiences and to disclose to all current and former Jehovah’s Witnesses that the potential for the Watchtower organization to take advantage of their elderly parents clearly exists. I am specifically referring to the handling of family inheritances, last wills and testaments, estates, family trusts, and the disposition of property and cash assets.

I’ll describe my family’s present situation to demonstrate exactly what I mean:

Our 82-year-old father lived alone after my mother passed away. He has always been proud of his being independent and self-sufficient. That is until a so-called “Pioneer” set foot into his home. This “Pioneer minister” attended the Pioneer School at Bethel, and for a while he actually did some Pioneer service in other countries. After Mother died, our father was cared for primarily by this Pioneer (a representative of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society). That Pioneer’s only responsibility was to look after and care for my father’s personal needs in exchange for room and board and meals.

Although we were not notified of his condition, shortly afterwards our father started to show early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. As is often typical in cases involving this particular diagnosis, his overall health began to degrade. In spite of the fact that this so-called “Pioneer” and his fellow elders in my father’s congregation knew how to contact us, they made sure that we were deliberately kept in the dark about my father’s true condition.

Even though we had a need to know, those elders and the Pioneer made a conscious decision to not keep us informed – in spite of my father’s advanced age and physical condition. They knew he was already frail, and his mental condition was diminishing with the onset of Alzheimer’s.

In fact, they tried to influence him to believe that we did not care about his well-being. The Pioneer made statements to our father on a regular basis that implied that we did not care for him as he did because we “resided in another state.” This even extended to the congregation’s elders because they would not allow our father to talk to me or have any other type of contact with us. They told him that if he continued to have contact with me (or vice versa) he “was not going to make it into Paradise to be with my deceased mother again.”

My sister, who was also shunned by the elders, was able to maintain an open dialogue with our father by telephone calls on a weekly basis. There were times when the Pioneer simply refused to pass our calls to our father. We found that rather strange behavior and wondered if he was hiding the possibility that something might be wrong.

All of these factors resulted in our father being totally isolated from his own children. Limiting our access allowed them to take advantage of an elderly person unable to make many of his own decisions. Because of his declining health, my father was susceptible to their influences and their ability to control his thoughts and decisions. They also used their appearance of having “religious authority” to create undue influence over him.

It is a fact: a rapidly growing segment of the population are older persons with severe medical and psychiatric problems that affect their mental and cognitive abilities. Elderly persons like our father, who has been a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses for over 45 years, are even more vulnerable because they have been exposed to brainwashing techniques used by both the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society and the elders at the local Kingdom Hall.

We discovered that they managed to deceive our father into relinquishing his house (which he had totally paid off) and all of his other assets. While we were reviewing his savings account, we discovered that his bank account had been transferred to a new account bearing the name of the Pioneer. My father’s stock certificates had also been cashed out.

Somehow the Pioneer convinced our father to sign a new “Power of Attorney.” The Pioneer also coerced Dad into buying him a new automobile, using my father’s perfectly good car as a trade-in plus another $17,000 in cash for the purchase. This was in spite of the fact that our father was not permitted to drive; it was clearly unsafe for a man of his age and condition to drive.

We also discovered a number of IOUs belonging to the elders of the local Kingdom Hall. Money owed to our father and one of the IOUs were used for the construction of a new Kingdom Hall.

The Elders were aware of the Pioneer’s actions and their own involvement while they unscrupulously took advantage of our father’s finances.

Shocked and disgusted, we discovered that within the past six months all of our father’s assets had been depleted. The so-called “Pioneer” made himself the sole beneficiary of my father’s newly revised will. We were never informed about the execution of our father’s new Last Will and Testament and no disclosure of its existence was ever made to us. In fact, we later discovered that all pertinent original legal documents were taken by that “Pioneer” and he has refused to return them to us.

It would have been obvious to anyone that our father was not sound of mind and body. We know that he would have never relinquished ALL of his assets to unrelated persons the way they claimed he did, especially to anyone unknown to him – if he had not been coerced by the elders and Pioneer. They took advantage of him and were clearly legally negligent in regards to dealing with his declining health.

Our poor father and mother (now deceased) lost their entire life savings to the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Nothing remains. We cannot even afford to pay his medical bills. All of this hardship brought on our family is due to the leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses being encouraged to take advantage of elderly members who have substantial financial resources.

The fact is that Jehovah’s Witnesses have a history of using their religious position to unduly influence their elderly members.

We consulted with two attorneys who will pursue this case of possible criminal exploitation and fraud. We are waiting for a report from the Police Department of Palm Bay, Florida and the State Attorney who specializes on the protection, well-being, and rights of the elderly. My sister and I have decided that we will carry on legal action against those involved as long as necessary. We will assure you that the Jehovah’s Witnesses involved will not get away with this. Nothing they did should stand up in court – everything they did appears to have been fraudulent and deliberate.

I want to emphasize that my sole purpose in submitting this article is not just to disclose my own family’s experiences. I also want to inform current or former Jehovah’s Witnesses who may have gone through similar situations involving their elderly parents, that there is hope – that justice can be achieved by going through the courts.

We’d also invite you to share your experiences. We know that we are not alone – certain that there must be many other cases similar to ours. If those of us who have been victims of the Watchtower’s exploitation of the elderly unite together – and take legal action against them – we can expose the vile practices of the abusive cult known as “Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

Editor’s Note: While I have been assured that the story published above is true, and that this case has, in fact, been submitted to the proper authorities for investigation and potential prosecution, I am not privy to the details or documents connected to this particular lawsuit. Nor do I have any information that would indicate to me the probability that Mr. Polgar, his family, or any other alleged victims might be successful in a lawsuit against the Watchtower or its agents for alleged wrongdoing in this situation.

On the other hand, I will assure my readers that this is not the first complaint I’ve heard about the Watchtower’s attempts to redirect the assets of elderly and infirm members to Society’s coffers to the detriment of biological heirs.

If this has happened to you, or to someone you know, then as Mr. Polgar suggests please share your story with us. If possible, please provide jurisdictions, case numbers, and legal firms involved – and let us know what the final outcome might have been.

Mr. Polgar’s case is not unique. Apparently these kinds of cases are somewhat common in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK. Most are eventually negotiated out of court with non-disclosure agreements being part of the final settlements. One case in particular was heard in a Canadian court and the documents were released to the public via JWLeaks. Here is a more complete description of the case as reported HERE:

Sawdon Estate [2012] ONSC 4042

(Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Richetti J, 23 July 2012)

In this Canadian case, the question arose of the validity of dispositions in a will. The residuary beneficiary under the will of Arthur Sawdon (the deceased) was The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Canada (Watch Tower), a charity and the corporate entity which acts as the legal arm of the religious community of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Canada. However, the Watch Tower attempted to obtain further amounts from the estate.

The deceased had formed a company in the Cayman Islands for tax reasons. He held a 75% interest in the company and his five children the remaining 25% interest. The assets in the company were administered by a trust company, CIBC. The case turned on the fate of seven joint bank accounts, totalling $1,075,872.83. These accounts had been held jointly by the deceased and two of his sons.

The deceased’s lawyer was Mr Pole, who set up the company in the Cayman Islands for the deceased, and prepared his will documents. Two wills were prepared, one in 2004 and one in 2006. The 2004 will provided that the estate was to be divided into five parts, one part for each of his children or their issue. If one of the deceased’s children died without issue, that particular child’s share was to go to the Watch Tower. The 2006 will was prepared on 5 July 2006 along with a purported Transfer and Assignment to the Watch Tower of the deceased’s 75% share in the Cayman Islands company. The will left substantially more of the deceased’s assets to the Watch Tower by not acknowledging the fact that joint bank accounts existed. Joint bank accounts would not have formed part of the deceased’s estate (as would be the case in Australia).

Although by this stage Pole had been the family’s lawyer for more than 12 years, he had not disclosed to the deceased that he was an Elder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and that he had acted as counsel for the Watch Tower in the past. After the signing of the Transfer and Assignment document, Pole travelled to the Cayman Islands with the document to effect the transfer of the assets to the Watch Tower, but the trustee, CIBC, refused to recognise or act upon the document. Pole informed the deceased that, notwithstanding this refusal, the residue of the estate would include his share of the Cayman Islands company.

Some weeks after the 2006 will was executed, the deceased transferred more of his assets (about a further 60% in total) from the Cayman Islands company into joint accounts with his sons. His Honour had already pointed to the plethora of evidence that indicated that the deceased clearly intended to excise the joint accounts from his estate, and said that this late change further illustrated that the deceased did not want the assets transferred to be included in his estate.

The deceased died on 27 March 2007. After his death, Pole wrote to the executor (the eldest of the deceased’s sons) to the effect that the Watch Tower was now the majority holder of the Cayman Islands company shares, on the basis that the 75% share had been transferred to the Watch Tower inter vivos (while the deceased was still alive). This was based on the Transfer and Assignment document which had been refused by the Cayman Islands company’s trustee. He also wrote to the trustee threatening legal action if the transfer was not accomplished immediately. His Honour took a predictably dim view of Pole’s actions. As a lawyer, he should have disclosed the very clear conflict of interest which existed in his dealings with the deceased. His Honour found that his actions were biased towards the interests of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. His Honour said on this point (at [51]):

I find it surprising and questionable that Mr. Pole would not disclose a conflict or even a potential conflict that he was an “elder” or “lay minister” with the Jehovah’s Witness church and had acted for the Jehovah’s Witness church prior to the preparation of the 2004 Will or the July 2006 Will or the Transfer and Assignment. Mr. Pole’s reason for not doing so – because he wasn’t wearing his Jehovah’s Witness “hat” at the time – is simply not a good answer. Arthur Sawdon and the other shareholders of Sawdon Holdings were entitled to know all of Mr. Pole’s “hats” when Mr. Pole provided advice or prepared documents for Arthur Sawdon…. upon Arthur Sawdon’s death, Mr. Pole’s actions in his attempts and threatens [sic] to get an immediate transfer of the shares of Sawdon Holdings to the Watch Tower, not as a residual beneficiary but as an inter vivos gift, gives the appearance of bias in favour of the Watch Tower. Mr. Pole’s explanation that he did this to avoid estate fees was not a credible explanation….

His Honour went on to find that the deceased had the clear intention of creating joint bank accounts with his sons, and that he did not intend to make any inter vivos gift to the Watch Tower. Nor did the deceased make any gift of the interest on the accounts (as opposed to the accounts themselves) to the Watch Tower. As the ‘gift’ of the joint accounts to his sons was not a testamentary disposition, they were not included in the assets of the estate.

Therefore, the Watch Tower failed in its bid to obtain the benefit of the joint accounts. They were entitled to the residuary of the estate under the will, but as most of the assets had been transferred to joint accounts, very little remained to be distributed.

Implications of this case

This case has been in the courts since 2010, when there was an initial attempt by one of the sons of the deceased to have the 2006 will declared invalid on the grounds of the medical condition of the deceased when he made the will. That application was denied as the evidence pointed to the deceased’s good health at the time. In the same application, the Watch Tower attempted to stop distributions from the estate, and payment of various fees. This was in order to preserve the amount to which they might have been entitled. This decision disposed of any attempt by the charity to have other than the residuary from the will, which had been the deceased’s intention from the beginning.

The case also highlights the conflict of interest which will arise when someone associated with a charity to benefit under a will is also acting as the testator’s solicitor, or in another professional capacity, in the matter of the will or property distribution. The solicitor in this case should have disclosed his connection to the charity and ceased acting for the testator unless there was fully informed consent.

Actual Court Documents for this case are available at:

30 thoughts on “Watchtower is at it again: Inheritances and Assets

  1. I do not believe a single word or information in the above article. This is false information to discredit J.W.’s. They do not do this kind of unjust and unlawful acts. Those persons publishing such trash should be proscuted

  2. @barak hammond – Barak, Not a “single word”? That’s quite a statement. Do you have evidence that the case referred to from Canada did not happen as reported? Do you have some sort of proof that Mr. Polgar and his family did not lose much of their proper inheritance? If you think I am publishing lies, then feel free to provide your evidence and I will gladly pull this story. But don’t be so quick to discount the major issues involved in this personal story. Just because YOU say that the information is “false” does not automatically make what you say “true.” It may be that by making this accusation you are only proving that you are just another JW who prefers to remain uninformed and brainwashed by the Watchtower cult. I’ll let the readers decide which one of us is closer to the “real truth” of this story.

  3. I believe every word the same happened with my mother while i was away on holiday my mother was admitted into hospital and died, a J Witness took my mothers handbag and key going into her flat never even informed me she had passed away, a friend called me and informed me of her death which she read from our local paper,all they were worried about was the revised will in there favour which they got her to do

  4. While the Polgar story may be true in lesser or greater detail, I think the outcome of the elderly man’s financial affairs are not one of victimization, but one of choice. Clearly said in the story is that the family was not present, and the only real contact for some years was by a female child by telephone.

    I was the extremely close to my parents in their last years and in the last few months of their lives, I traveled to their home on a daily basis. This was not a matter of estate value but a matter of moral obligation. It appears to me the story teller and the rest of the family are far more regretful their father chose to give to the Jehovah’s Witnesses his wealth rather to the family long absent. This happens a great deal of the time, especially in states like Florida, which are magnets for elderly retirees.

    One significant error in the story that tends to destroy its credibility is that in Florida, the Bureau of Elder Affairs is actually housed in the Florida Department of Agriculture. If the family members have attempted to lodge a complaint with the local police department, they would likely have instructed them to contact the state authorities as the local police have neither the manpower not expertise to deal with other than complaints involving physical injury.

    In my opinion, having handled the affairs for an elderly uncle and aunt who resided in Florida, it seems unlikely that there will be any legal redress available to the family. The father gave his money to whomever he wished and if the family had wanted to offer some guidance and counsel, the time to do so would have been long before the father sought comfort from the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  5. For those who found this article incredible, I suggest that you read an article about a similar case in British Columbia, Canada (December, 2013) where a family was disinherited by the Watchtower Society. The family took the case to court and lost due to a technicality in the language of the “loan.” Of course, you can only guess at who might have prepared the paperwork on this “loan” to the Society – although it is not specified in the article. The fact is that the Watchtower Legal Department will generally prepare these documents. An independent family law lawyer would most certainly point out to the gifters the danger in agreeing to such a “loan” and the effects on the surviving family. Watchtower Legal’s job is to be sure that the Watchtower will prevail in these cases should anyone have the funds to actually take them to court.
    Here is the link to the article:

  6. It would appear to be several issues here. First of all, the “loan” was made by the decedents to provide funds for an ongoing need, to wit: construction of a Kingdom Hall. One can speculate, but presumably the money was lended to enable construction without need for a commercial construction loan which would have saved interest charges to the congregation. Perhaps one must assume that since the decedent was able to make the loan and understood what benefit the loan would provide to the congregation, then the results of such lending might well have been irrelevant to the decedent.

    I assume the suit was filed by the estate. Perhaps the estate…ie, the CHILDREN of the decedents might well have been motivated by a greed that was not in the lexicon of the parents.

    Then there is the issue of Canadian tax law which might make certain kinds of loans more palatable to people at different income levels, which is information not present in the article at all.

    It is not illegal or immoral for ANY religion to use the legal refuge of the courts for its purposes any more than it is for an individual to use those services. There is a continuing effort on the part of many to “bash” the JW’s for anything and every move the organization makes. It is intellectually dishonest and cowardly to merely assault anyone, or any organization just because they are there, and particularly so when only part of the underlying reasons for such attacks are readily available or apparent. There are many reasons to find fault with organized religion and the JW’s are easily lumped into the group despite their protestations. But to automatically make the assumption that the JW’s must be up to no good is evidence that many such protests are those launched by the minions of Satan, which is what the JW’s would assert. I am not so sure but in many cases they may be right.

  7. Mr. Woodbury, your response was credible and well-considered until you diverted into a the standard ad hominem attack against any who would criticize the questionable acts of a religious group that claims to represent a loving god: “…[to] make the assumption that the JW’s must be up to no good is evidence that many such protests are those launched by the minions of Satan, which is what the JW’s would assert. I am not so sure but in many cases they may be right.”

    Geez… You had me at hello and then lost me at goodbye.

  8. Sorry you feel that way. But to be completely honest, one should not be selective in the criticisms. I personally believe the JW’s have a LOT to atone for, but taking advantage of the existing system of things, no matter how venal it may be, isn’t one of them. Functioning within the rules of society is a specific guidance of the organization. That they may do this is appropriate and it seems that no law was broken, nor were the desires of the decedents in this matter violated.

    At the end of the day, the JW’s are much the same as any other organized religion: it’s all about the money. The JW’s in my opinion do little with the money except for planning and preaching of events that may or may not happen at some future time. Event the Catholics take monies given and turn those monies into missionary activities that provide secular respite in current times. But all this is irrelevant: if the laws that govern civil society enable the gifting of wealth to ANY organized religion the time for heirs to stake their claim is while the givers are living and not after they may have to present a case not worth presenting. Hypocrisies can come slathered on both sides of the sword.

  9. Mr. Woodbury – you replied: “That they may do this is appropriate and it seems that no law was broken, nor were the desires of the decedents in this matter violated.”

    Who do you think filed the law suit? A few strangers with nothing personally involved who just wanted to make trouble for the Watchtower? Of course not. It was the (“descendants”) heirs of the estate who filed the original complaint. Just as in Mario Polgar’s article above, the Watchtower has typically handled all of the legal work involved and do not involve any of the heirs in the discussions. The “gifters” are often old and uneducated in the legal ramifications and believe that the Watchtower’s would not mislead them – after all they truly believe that Watchtower only represents “the truth” and “Jehovah’s loving kindness.” Unless you were one of the heirs involved in a case like this you can not understand how this type of subtle deceit can injure innocent family members – and the Watchtower frankly does not care. I’ve received emails telling of JW family members who provided a home and hospice care for their elders for years, only to find out that the Watchtower had managed to get most or all of their inheritance. Legally they could do nothing – and if they too were Jehovah’s Witnesses – felt that they could not take the Society to court. After all, according to Watchtower teachings you are not supposed to take your brother to court. Remember, that would make Jehovah sad…

  10. I think that people have the right to give their money to whom ever they wish. I regret that not all heirs get the inheritance they think they are entitled to. But if the parents are so minded as to gift their wealth to a religious organization, that is their right. The assumption that they were elderly and didn’t understand what they were doing is a supposition not supported by any of the documentation of the article. If the younger generation felt their elders were not in possession of their senses, then the time to challenge that was long before the wills were read. I have been in that position and saw my elders dispose of their wealth in ways that I might have considered ill advised, but I KNEW their understandings of the reality of their circumstances were their own and of their own choosing. I think this is about simple greed. That the elders chose to give their money to the JW organization doesn’t make that organization evil. IF the JW organization has established a method of making sure they receive what a member wills to them, well and good. It is their right, at least in the United States and Canada to do so. I will be willing to bet lunch that the Catholics and virtually all other religious organizations have the ability to make similar arrangements. Once again, if heirs wish their elders to remember them, then it behooves them while all are alive and well, to be close, kind and helpful to their heirs so the elders will be inclined to remember them. In the end, the younger generation may well have to look out for themselves. Elders have NO responsibility to leave wealth to another generation. If the court finds the recipient organization guilt free, pointing fingers at that organization is is merely sour grapes.

  11. “If the court finds the recipient organization guilt free, pointing fingers at that organization is merely sour grapes.”
    One would have to assume first of all that the courts are infallible. I do believe that such a suggestion needs not much dispute to the contrary thus rendering your argument fairly moot.
    But, that took half a moments of thought…

  12. Listen,i am finding the truth and listening to gods word, and thats fine and dandy.. im adopted and have three sisters one other in her 60s now is also adopted, my moms , and three sisters were jehovah witness,evn if i study with someone outside the family. i am not a baptised witness im studying. mean while mom, three sisters are evil, evil materialistic, and my other adopted sister, is a alcoholic jw that goes out in service, at 8pm shes knocked out right on time with a bottle of wine. she has a gay son and there both heroin addicts. they abused my dad while he was alive. they stole money from him and his money, because at one point i trusted her to be executive,wrong move! she stole dads money, he had over 2 million dollars set to split up between the girls at his death.. this sister didnt give me my money yet, my son is due to collect his that shes been investing and loosing on. and he wont sign for ay check til its all been counted from the day she took over. we thinj she killed my dad , and her husband. we think she gave the kingdom hall the money til this is over so they can get it back and run away with what dad intended for me. his baby. also if i want to study and they refuse me its bloos on there hands to stumble, or lie! im studying,,, and going after my money buckko!


  14. This is happening right now with my mother. The Witnesses began preying up an old, lonely woman and finally after years of trying, wormed their way in. My mother recently was baptized at a Jehovah’s Witness. Now, she needs cardiac surgery. She was scheduled immediately after a heart catheterization, but when they found out, they told her she couldn’t go to that surgeon – even though he is one of the best – because he doesn’t cater to the JW practice of not allowing blood. Now, after waiting a month or more to see a surgeon, they have block us out of taking her to the appointment – which we need to do to discuss aftercare – and apparently, they have told her she won’t need to go to a rehab facility (which she will need – she’s an 86-year-old women living alone in a two-story house with limited availability of family members) by telling her they can arrange for someone to stay with her. Hmm. Sounds eerily familiar. These people have no consciences. How can they live with themselves?

  15. It is very difficult watching one’s parents age and enter their finial years.

    Apparently she found some solice in her decline with the JW’s. Apparently they provided her with some sort of comfort that her family was unwilling or unable to provide for her.

    I had a similar experience in that as my parents were dying their daughter was unable or unwilling to provide any sort of direct comfort or solace to them in their final two years.

    As the only family member who was willing or able to provide my parents with whatever support they required or needed in those final months, I found the lack of my older sister’s support made the ordeal of holding my parents as they died, extremely difficult to bear and that pain remains with me to this day.

    So, I must ask you, “Cathy”: in your mother’s last days on earth, where are YOU since she needs some comfort and solace? Where are YOU when she needs someone to care for her as she recovers or dies from her illness? Perhaps now is the time for you, her child, to step in and provide her with the care and love she gave to you when you were an infant so that she will not need to seek the aid and comfort of the JW “strangers” whom you feel are responsible for all that is ailing her now.

  16. I find it so hard for people to not see that these governing body people are all leaders of a book & magazine publishing company. They are there in the disguise of a religion. They are greedy just like any other business out here. They are very slick. They have many lawyers in Brooklyn. They know what they are doing.And every time someone objects to the things they do then they are called opposers. Not so- They are victims, of this nonsense that Brooklyn is doing. You don’t see the governing body out washing windows like a lot of the flock is doing. Washing windows so as they can get to all this repetion that goes on every meeting. I sincerely believe that if the governing body put out a kingdom ministry sheet to read on a Thursday night, and the subject called for a drinking of poison kool ade on Sunday at 12 oclock the mass majority would do it. Why? Because these guys in Brooklyn has them convinced that it is the channel of God. How can one be so stupid to believe this nonsense?As you have heard that the world has ended 7 times. If you don’t believe it ask the governing body. But they still have money invested in Phillip Morris, Rand Corp. Gets donations from United Way, Gets older people”s life savings. Twisting the books to turn everthing over to them- They sure have a good thing thing going- I thought Al Cappone was bad- Heck Al was a saint compaired to this crowd.And they get away with it.Child molestation suits might do them in. They are being sued by so many people that it makes me dizzy.And while I am at it, they also hate animals-The vast majority does. They might miss a meeting if one has to take their dog to a vet. I hear one of their dogs barking at night in the cold in 10 degree weather- I will call the humaine society this winter if I hear that dog bark.The poor dog is a victim from a cult owner- The dog is only tied down in the woods to bark just in case a worldy person comes on their property. Well they are in for a surprise this winter. I only wish God would exercise swift justice on this greedy rich publishing company- Speaking of publishing company, why is a member called a publ;isher? Sounds just like their job-Publishing nonsense to the world.

  17. This same thing happened to my elderly aunt. They set up her finances so that much of the money went to payable on death accounts as well as much of the estate in the will. Then these people couldn’t wait any longer for her money and forced her into hospice, then starved and neglected her to death. I am trying to get the authorities involved, so if anyone has a story they can share with me, please do!

  18. Same happened to my mother 84 years old got her to change her will leaving everything to them. When she died in hospital, i was away at the time one of them took my mothers key out of her hand bag then went to her flat taking any valuables i live on a small island and could have been easly contacted a friend read her death notice in our local paper and informed me of her death they are vultures who prey on the sick and lonely.

  19. I believe the stories about their greed and taking advantage of older people. I put nothing past these people. But one thing that concerns me is why were none of you avaible to physically go to your parents home and take charge. You say you were informed by a friend that your love one passed away. Well I would have been there to throw the bums out. Where were you at? It seems to me all you were not close to your parents. Please email me and let me know where were you so as you could not throw the bums out?

  20. Tom in response to your question my mother was rushed into hospital while i was abroad she died two days later hence the J witness was her contact number, by the the time i returned 10 days later they had gone through her flat etc.

  21. Barrack Hammond–You sound just like a brainwashed zombie. Irf they told you that 2 and 2 is now 5- you would believe it. A mind is a sad thing to lose

  22. From my experience with JW, I believe what you said in your article is true. JW pretend they care about others and appear to be good people to get your trust. Once you are in their trap and trust them, it is the beginning of your nightmare. They will try everything they can to get your money and asset. Do you believe the court can give you justice? You are too native. They will make use of their relationship with the government and the court (although they claim they are no part of the world) so judgement by court will not be based on law and justice will never be done. The only thing everyone should do is keep away from JW before it is too late! They are the most dishonest, most evil people in this world!

  23. Very true they are vultures who prey on the lonely and vulnerable tell me them you have nothing they will stop calling on you.

  24. It’s amazing the amount if people that have been brainwashed into believing that this is not true. When reading this itvwas almost as written myself, and you know it has to be true. There is absolutely no way that it is coincidence that the same type of thing is happening iny family that happened here. We still have time as nothing has been set and we hope that we can reverse the damage done to a loved one that no longer believes that we care. I have never been a JW and am thankful for that. I used to politely listen while they came to my door. I almost dare one to do so now, I may just loose all politeness. It’s absolutely disheartening to see what they will do. And all in the name of Greed.

  25. The same thing happened with my father. Barack Hammond, I know of what I speak I was there. My brothers (one who stated he hated my father) took dad’s money so fraudulently and spent it on themselves. They become inhuman – like Hitler- when they set themselves above non-witness dying relatives. They cannot open their minds to any possibilities of wrongdoing or basic human decency, because if one single crack is opened, then the floodgates open. Which is why they are a cult-mind control is paramount. I am so glad I am out of this, my brothers are too far gone. They preach love for humanity, when they in reality take from people who are not jehovahs witnesses. They say they are pacifists and don’t believe in war, but have no problem getting their greedy hands on a veteran’s last dollar. They are hypocrites and if the watchtower told them to commit a crime in the name of Jehovah they would. They take every advantage of the “worldy people”. They are sick in their us versus them beliefs. I feel sorry for any kid raised in this cult which has killed thousands for once denying vaccines and now blood transfusions. That’s because they are so uneducated they force their ill construed medical beliefs on their cult. I will pray for them. I think they may be the apostate the bible speaks of. We are knowing them by their works, which are being revealed.

  26. I have read all the posts on this website as well as others and this has helped me better understand my only brother as well as grieve our ruined relationship because of his involvement with the JWs. Unfortunately, my parents are also JW, so that has left me the Black Sheep of the family for the past 30 years because I constantly pointed out the irregularities of their religion-cult. My parents have always kept me at bay because I was not one of theirs; now, they are elderly and my brother is looking after their affairs, BAD NEWS! Had I not gone to see them when they were in the hospital and about to be placed in a Seniors Home, my brother would have placed them in a public Seniors Home as opposed to a private one. Well, in Montreal, there is much abuse and neglect of elderly people in public homes, so they are to be avoided at all costs. Besides, my parents (I found out just a few months ago) are billionaires so there is no need to put them in a public Seniors Home which is basically free! When I put a stop to my brother s plan, I was yelled at, insulted, and not welcome home; actually, my brother has changed all the locks and had refused to give me any keys, claiming the locks only came with one key each. I told him that was a lie , so he corrected himself by saying that his new wife (a Filipino lady 30 years younger than him) had the other keys. She told me that she had forgotten them in their apt. in Ontario. Lie after lie after lie… I ended up spending 10 days at a hotel, still visited my parents every day and kept an eye on them. My Dad had 2 strokes, the first one 5 years ago, and the second one 5 months ago when he was not given his medication. My mother calls on me to protect her on one hand, but has tied my hands when, 5 years ago, she accepted to put all of my Dad s and her bank accounts in my brother s name. As well, my brother transferred all that money to the US so the Canadian government would not be able to tax it. I just found this out on my last visit, a few months ago. I also found out that my brother had my mother send money out to the Philippines… What else has he done I wonder… He refuses to show me the bank account activities. When I call my mother, she either will not answer the phone or she will tell me that she does not want to talk. I need to call the nurses at the Seniors Home to find out how my parents are doing. When I am at work, my mother will call and leave me a message which makes me feel very guilty because I am not there, with her. Yet, when she was aware that I was at a hotel, she turned a blind eye to the situation, just like when I was a child and my father would beat me. The reason why I am so heartbroken is because my brother is now acting like my father did; he is heartless, cold, acts with superiority and in a condescending manner with me. I do not recognize him, as he has changed so much and not for the better!! I am afraid that his religion plays a big part because men are put on a pedestal and women are hardly acknowledged. After feeling very sad and much crying, I decided to mind my own business and let my brother do whatever he wants. After all, my mother gave him Power of Attorney and put all bank accounts in his name because he is the man AND a Jehovah Witness, so nothing could possibly go wrong! My brother has also tried once to get my mother to sign over their house to him, but I also blocked that from happening about a year ago. At this point, I am about to give up because I cannot afford flying back and forth from Calgary to Montreal as I have done many times, at my own expense. I have even considered not attending their funeral because it will only cause me more pain as I would be the only non-JW. Also, I would have no say whatsoever at the funeral, another pill hard to swallow… Any feedback is welcome.

  27. I can fully believe and accept to a certain degree the content of these articles as I presently are going through a similar situation with my mother who is 98. for many years the JW elders have taken it upon themselves to NOT inform me at any time when my mother was either ill or rushed into any hospital, they have always I discovered placed one of the elders as next of kin and never informed the hospitals that I existed … my mother has now gone into a care home, I took the reins and tried to take control back in order to look after my mothers affairs …so immediately I informed her bank that she was no longer in possession of her bank cards or cheque book as an elder had them for as they put it safe keeping, so the bank froze them … after this action they have now reported ME to social services in the belief of mis appropriation of her funds, the social Services had placed a safe guard on my mothers affairs and blocked me from taking care of her personal affairs whilst I am being investigated …its a nightmare

  28. It’s been quite a while since I have read anything from this website let alone this thread. But this particular post prompts me to offer a comment here.

    “…for many years the JW elders have taken it upon themselves to NOT inform me at any time when my mother was either ill or rushed into any hospital, they have always I discovered placed one of the elders as next of kin and never informed the hospitals that I existed…”

    It’s a bit difficult to accept this statement (and post) at face value. Some immediate questions for me are:
    1. What reason is there for the JW elders to inform you that your mother was in hospital? Did yo have some sort of on-going relationship with them; did they KNOW that you were nearby or easily reached?

    2. What sort of arrangement was there that the JW elders knew where your mother was or what was happening with here on a day to day basis? Was this something SHE had decided she wanted?

    3. What are the legal ramifications of any person assuming the identity of someone else where your mother lives? Here in the US, it is potentially criminal for someone to assume the identity of another IF THE INTENT IS TO COMMIT FRAUD OF THEFT OF THAT PERSON’S PROPERTY. Now, assuming your mother has not legally enabled a JW elder to speak on her behalf (power of attorney), if a JW elder posed as a next of kin, it can well be presented that the reason for that was to commit fraud or theft from your mother (OR her estate). This is the appropriate area for an attorney hired by YOU as her next of kin, to pursue.

    All of these stories all seem to revolve around the idea that an elderly parent in somehow beholding to the next generation to gift them all of their worth after they die. The truth is up until the time the elderly are either dead or judged incompetant, their wealth is THEIRS to do as they wish. If they decide to give everything away to the JW’s, the Catholic Church, or Concantonated Daughters of Who-who INSTEAD of their own off-spring, they may do so and they don’t necessarily have to give the younger generations an explanation nor ask their permission.

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