Video Memorial to Ray Franz

A video tribute to Raymond Franz…

A fine and fitting tribute to Ray Franz made by “V” with the help of many people who took the time to record a brief message about what Ray Franz meant to them.

Please feel free to add your own comments or memorial messages below…

2 thoughts on “Video Memorial to Ray Franz

  1. I want to offer my condolences to you, Mrs. Franz. You were both Ray’s precious partner on his life’s journey, but a much loved Woman of Valor. Cynthia the very fact that you stood by him through the evil days of the Watchtower’s Inquisition had to have comforted him in a way nothing else could.
    Now is the time for mourning, and I know you grieve the loss of your life’s partner. Hold on to the memory of the part you played in encouraging him as he wrote those powerful books, “Crisis of Conscience” and “Search for Christian Freedom”. Let that be a source of peace and comfort for you. Those books have and will continue to lift broken hearts and heal shattered lives for longer than any of us can imagine.
    You and I may never meet Cynthia, but I want you to know that your life, as well as Rays, has had a profound effect on mine and for that I thank you, and ask God’s blessing on you throughout the days ahead.

  2. Sis.Franz I trully appreciate the love that Your husband had for what was true and how he choose to help so many of us to see the unburdensome way Christ wants us to follow him and worship God.I know our Heavenly Father will surely reward him with everlasting life.Love Eddy cerini

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