The Finished Mystery – the book Jesus approved

By “Alfred”

A few months ago a friend sent me a copy of The Finished Mystery – published in 1917. This wasn’t a PDF download, but an actual copy of the book. I must say that this was the most disturbing book I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. But I read it because this was the main publication that was being distributed worldwide when Jesus supposedly chose the Watchtower in 1918. I basically wanted to see for myself what Jesus saw in the Watchtower Society that would compel him to choose this religious corporation over all other religious denominations.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in knowing the actual contents of this book, here are some bullet points I’ve put together from some of the notes I took while reading the book:

  1. Charles Taze Russell is the “faithful and wise servant.” (p.4)
  2. Jesus gave Russell the key to understanding God’s mysteries in the last days. (p.6)
  3. Jesus is the “Alpha and Omega” in Revelation 1:8, 21:6, and 22:13. (p.15, p.318, p.336)
  4. The Adventist Nelson Barbour showed Russell Biblical proof that “Jesus was present since 1874” – and Russell found this evidence satisfactory. (p. 54)
  5. As per Russell, there’s no need to learn the Hebrew or Greek languages to gain a correct understanding of the Bible since the “Presbyterians and Methodists have good versions of the Bible at reasonable prices.” (p. 55)
  6. The “remnant” will be taken to heaven in 1918. (p. 64)
  7. The “7 messengers” in Revelation are Paul, John, Arius, Waldo, Wycliffe, Luther and Russell. (See illustration after page 64)
  8. The “7 trumpets” in Revelation 8:2 are the trumpets of the Lutherans, the Anglicans, the Presbyterians, the Baptists, the Methodists, the Evangelical Alliance, and The Bible Students. (chart after page 64)
  9. Jesus began his reign officially in “1878.” (p. 66)
  10. A three-page list of Biblical texts prove that Jesus’ second advent occurred in “1874.” (p.68–71)
  11. The “behemoth” mentioned in Job 40: 15-24 is the “stationary steam engine.” (p. 84)
  12. The “leviathan” mentioned in Job 41:2-19 is the “locomotive.” (p.85)
  13. The “valiant men” in Nahum 2:3 are the locomotive conductor and the fireman. (p.93)
  14. According to Exodus 28:1 and Numbers 4:46-48, the number of the great crowd will be approximately “411,840,000.” (p.103)

  15. Advertisement for The Finished Mystery in Bible Students Journal
  16. The horseman on the white horse in Revelation 6:2 is the “personal representative of Satan: the Bishop of Rome.” (p. 106)
  17. The “stars that fell from the heavens” in Revelation 6:13 refers to the meteor shower on November 13, 1833 which covered 11 million square miles. The symbolic fulfillment occurred when the bishops and priests lost their influence over the minds and conscience of the people. (p.120)
  18. There is evidence that proves that “Palestine will be re-established in 1925.” (p.128)
  19. Demons will invade the minds of the members of Christianity and will bring them to their destruction in “1918.” (p.128)
  20. The earth was created 48,000 years ago. (p.139)
  21. The “angel” mentioned in Revelation 8:5 is the Watchtower Society and the “incense vessel” is the book The Finished Mystery, divinely provided to humanity. (p.145)
  22. According to Revelation 9:15, all of the 177,300,000 Protestants on earth, who represent 1/3 of all Christians, “will be destroyed in 1918.” (p.164)
  23. The “Time of the End” started in “1799.” (p.171)
  24. The “Great Tribulation” started in “1914.” (p.178)
  25. Michael the Archangel is “the Pope of Rome.” (p.188)
  26. The “two wings of the woman” in Revelation 12:14 are the Old Testament and the New Testament. (p.191)
  27. “England is a satanic country” because it forcefully exports 5 million pounds of opium to China each year. (p.202)
  28. The Great Pyramid of Egypt confirms the fact that the “time of Harvest” has come. (p.226)
  29. Revelation 14:20 provides us with the precise distance between Scranton, Pennsylvania (where the book was written) and Bethel in Brooklyn (where the book was printed) – “137.9 miles.” (p.230)
  30. The “clergy are like dumb dogs” because they prefer to remain silent rather than accept one single “Truth” from Russell’s precious writings. (p.238)
  31. The republics “will disappear in the Fall of 1920.” Every nation will cease to exist as they get swallowed up by anarchy. (p. 258)
  32. The “glory” of the angel mentioned in Revelation 18:1 enlightened the earth – resulting in great discoveries and inventions such as “electrical motors, airplanes, the Panama Canal, vacuum cleaners, and books published by the Watchtower.” (p.273)
  33. The “voice out of heaven” mentioned in Revelation 18:4 is the voice of the Watchtower. (p.276)
  34. According to Revelation 18:14, during the millennium, the clergy will have to work for a living. This means that “each preacher in Christianity will have to spend 65 cents for an alarm clock.” (p.285)
  35. The God sitting on the throne in Revelation 19:4 is Jesus. (p.290)
  36. “God assumes full responsibility” for the entire volume of Studies in the Scriptures. (p.295)
  37. “The Kingdom of a Thousand Years” started in 1874 with the second coming of Jesus. (p.301, p.386)
  38. According to Revelation 21:17, the number of sheep at the end of the thousand-year reign “will be approximately 20.7 Billion.” (p.323)
  39. When Russell understood the full import of God’s Word, he took a firm stand. The spirit, power and influence of God entered him, never to leave. (p.377)
  40. Ezekiel 5:2, 12, 16, 17 refers to the way in which Jerusalem was destroyed in 606 BCE and 70-73 CE – and it also refers to the way Christianity “is being destroyed between 1914 and 1918.” (p.398)
  41. “God’s Day of Vengeance” started in 1914 and will culminate in 1918. (p.404)
  42. The literal fulfillment of Ezekiel occurred in “1898” when a miller, who publicly thanked the Virgin for dear bread, literally threw gold and silver at a crowd in the streets in a vain attempt to pacify them. But they demanded his life and took it. (p.407)
  43. According to Ezekiel 11:9, Christianity will literally fall in the hands of labor unions, socialists and anarchists. (p. 425)
  44. The preachers of Christianity say things that originate in their own imagination. (p.432)
  45. According to Ezekiel 17:22 and 20:42, “Zionism and Judaism will prosper” on Earth as their leaders will be Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and others after their resurrection. (p.450, p.462)
  46. The congregation mentioned in Ezekiel 23:46 are “union workers, socialists, democrats and anarchists.” (p.480)
  47. In fulfillment of Ezekiel 24:15-19, God took away Russell’s desire for his wife by putting a spiritual plague over her which made her “dead” in the eyes of Russell. (p.483, p.484)
  48. God will destroy all of the churches on earth including all of its millions of members in 1918. It is expected that this will occur “on or around April 27, 1918.” (p.485, p.513, p.530)
  49. “All Jews will return to their native land” according to God’s promise. Russell preached the message of Zionism since October 1910. (p.536, p.554, p.555)
  50. In 1878, during the “First Resurrection,” God raised up the members of the Body of Christ, the “stem of David.” (p.539)
  51. According to Ezekiel 40:1, the establishment of the Kingdom on earth will occur “thirteen years after 1918.” (p.569)

Well, I think that’s quite enough note-taking for a book filled with lies and false predictions. I just thought some of you might be interested in knowing what the Watchtower was teaching in 1918 – when “Jesus came down for his inspection and chose the Watchtower.”

Editor’s Note: This article, the first of a two-part series, is a slightly edited version of a post that “Alfred” offered to the readers of [Link to original post with comments.] Most Jehovah’s Witnesses do not realize that this book, The Finished Mystery, was the seventh in the series of “Studies in the Scriptures,” and was advertised as containing the posthumous work of Charles Taze Russell.

Clayton J.Woodworth

In fact, there was very little in the book that could be traced directly back to Russell. The actual authors of the book were Clayton J. Woodworth and George Fisher. The Watchtower Society’s president, Joseph Rutherford, took credit as “editor.”  The book was intended to be a detailed study and explanation of the prophetic Bible books Revelation (The Apocalypse) and Ezekiel.

There are many good articles on and that discuss The Finished Mystery in depth. Also check out Peter Gregerson’s audio presentation of his review of the foolishness he discovered while reviewing the book (located on

Check the references and read it all for yourself by downloading your own copy of a PDF scanned version of the original book by clicking here.

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  1. God forbit!! I believed everything this organisation published for 20 years of my life.
    Not anymore!
    I need to translate this article in my native language so that other people don’t get fooled! I’d like to know if I have permision to translate this article.
    Thank you for the review.

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