The Conti Case – Your Questions Answered

In March 2012 a new series of videos will be released on YouTube and various other websites that will provide answers to many of the common questions about the lawsuit known as “Jane Doe vs. The Watchtower.” That court case, heard by a state judge in an Alameda County (California) court room in May and June 2012, was a unique legal battle waged by Candace Conti and her attorney, Rick Simons, against the North Fremont Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses and their controlling organization, the Watchtower Society of New York, Inc.

This case was important because it was the first time that both sides of a child abuse case involving Jehovah’s Witnesses were heard in open court. All other similar cases were settled out of court and contained non-disclosure agreements that prevented any of the facts from being made public.

Miss Conti won her case and $28 Million in compensatory and punitive damages. The court reduced the total to about $11.6 Million after an appeal by the Watchtower Society in September, 2012. The case is being reviewed by an appeals board for possible hearings sometime later in 2013.

In this new series of videos, Miss Conti and her attorney, Mr. Simons, will answer questions raised about the case, Miss Conti’s intentions, and what they hope to do after everything is finally settled.

These new videos, a joint project involving several members of a world-wide association of Watchtower observers and critics, will be released in March. Here is a preview:

5 thoughts on “The Conti Case – Your Questions Answered

  1. Being sexually abused as a child and then having your abuse denied, then add in having those who were suppose to protect you keep it a secret for their own benifit makes you “feel” like you don’t matter as a person and that your not worth protecting. This form of abuse is called soul murder and destroy’s you from the inside out. The life time affects are so devastating that for some vicims dying is the only way to stop the pain. If you have read this article won’t you please help Candcae and I protect children in the future from this kind of abuse and suffering. Insist that all Religious Organizations change their child abuse policy’s, and allways inform the proper authorties when you know a child is being abused.

  2. While I agree that having something that happened to you denied is terrible…so is being accused of something so heinous when you are innocent. I was privy to such a thing. A woman, in her later twenties, suddenly remembered all the terrible things her father did to her…raping her repeatedly from the age of 12 to 18..he fathered two children with her…one he caused her to miscarry..the other he delivered himself then killed the child! I was SO incensed I wanted to klll the man myself! I was flabberghasted that nothing was being done!!!…then, her cousin spoke to me…he had lived next door to her her whole life! He rode the same school bus to school thruout their whole lives. She was never preganant..she never birthed a child…she was never abused. She was simply mentally ill. She conjured up these terrible things and made public accusations. Her poor father was/is so distressed that he stopped going to meetings. (we are JWs)…it has nearly destroyed him. THEN…the same thing happened in my own family….the accusations were not so horrendous as the others…but they were terrible none the less…it destroyed one famly member…and it never happened. SO…do not be so quick to believe accusations….I think the conti case is a horrendous injustice to the WTBS…what happened was NOT the fault of our policy…but, I belive in the end, justice WILL be way or another.

  3. brofun – You are quite right about false accusations from mentally troubled persons or angry children trying to get back at their parents or stepparents. No one will ever take issue with you on that point.

    Where we disagree is that elders are not qualified to make this determination. Professionals know what to look for and how to tell when someone is lying to protect the rights of someone who is falsely accused. Amateurs like elders do not and all their prayers to Jehovah for enlightenment will not provide them with the answers they need.

    What your reply is ignoring completely is that none of us are calling for automatic punishment or “outing” of anyone accused of child molestation. What we are trying to stop are situations like Conti’s and several others revealed in just the past few months where the “accused” clearly has a history of crimes against children and women and yet the elders do not take aggressive action to remove that person from the congregation or to protect the other families and children.

    The other issue I have with your comment is the support for the fallback that the WT uses, namely “wait on Jehovah,” that has no logical value and has never protected a single person. What does that mean? Wait for Armageddon to come to punish the criminal? What about the dozens of years that still must pass before Armageddon comes, if ever? What about the other innocent women and children in the Kingdom Hall who will potentially be victims of someone known to the elders?

    If you are to take that position with child molesters, then why would that not also apply to other disfellowshipped by the elders after only a single accusation for “apostasy”? Does it not seem ridiculous to disfellowship someone who does not believe that Jesus returned in 1914 (something that does not physically harm any of the other JWs in the congregation), but allow a child molester to go unpunished and unrevealed to the other members of the Kingdom Hall?

    The Conti case and others clearly point out that the Watchtower’s policies are not based on reason or practical application of “Caesar’s Law.” Can you imagine for even a moment that the early apostles would have allowed a child molester to remain within the Christian congregation of the First and Second Centuries?

    The biggest problem I have with all Jehovah’s Witnesses is that they are willing to suspend their common sense by being willing to protect suspected child molesters while disfellowshipping and shunning teenagers for “necking” and “kissing” before marriage.

  4. Here let it be known that the first Sunday in October 2015 that kool ade will be served at 10 oclock. If you decide not to come you will be considered an apostate and you will be disfellowshipped. Kool ade will be in the strawberry flavor. The slave is looking out for your interest. So all must attend. And you may also put this meeting down as a back call.The reason for this special meeting is because the light has gotten much brighter this past year.23 thousand molestation cases is more than we can handle.Jim Jones has not seen nothing yet.

  5. To all congreations in America.. Soon for your convience there will be bank teller machines placed in all kingdumb halls.The slave has seen fit to allow members to donate money for the preaching work through out the world.And each time you use the machine you may put this down as a back call. Now you can see how much the slave is looking out for the great crowd.It would please the governing body so much if you would make a transaction 2 time a week. Thursday night and Sunday. This is for your convience. We are always looking out for your interest as you so lovingly know. Give our love to all at each meeting.

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