Registration Turned Off – and On

Due to a potential “denial of service” attack, I turned off subscriber registration services back on March 14, 2011.

Since then I’ve installed some new protective software that will allow normal registration to resume. We’ll see how it works over the next few weeks. There continue to be constant attacks by spammers and other nefarious hackers with nothing better to do than to try to disrupt the work of others. Sites like are especially vulnerable because there are those, including the Watchtower Society, who would love to shut us down any way they can – in ways legal or illegal – as they see fit.

——– from earlier version of this article ——-

Let’s face it: A lot of groups and individuals don’t like websites that expose the problems with the Watchtower Society and its followers, Jehovah’s Witnesses. Every so often, sites like this come under attack and must take defensive and protective measures to make sure that our servers are not damaged and that our readers are not endangered with computer viruses or spam. has several built-in defenses and so far they have worked well. As editor and webmaster, I constantly monitor the site to look for any abnormality or attacks against the site. Unfortunately, all the best defenses in the industry can not protect this site or other against the constant barrage of attacks by spammers, hackers, and criminal organizations who dedicate themselves to damaging the work of others.

You can still comment and send messages through our comment form. I will reopen registration after I feel confident that the danger has passed. For most of you who have been subscribers for some time, your subscription status is still active.

I hope this does not discourage anyone from coming to this site, but I’ve taken this action to protect all of my readers, new and old.