Watchtower Society Goes Under the Microscope

John Cedars has published the first post of a four-part series that closely examines the Watchtower Society’s claim to be “God’s Spirit Directed Organization” on earth.

Cedars is most noted for his “Global Survey of Jehovah’s Witnesses”  – hosted and maintained at Along with his “Global Surveys” (and occasional “Mini-Surveys”) that ask for opinions on  Jehovah’s Witnesses’ beliefs and practices, Cedars also presents his own thoughts and commentary on a broader range of issues in his “Cedars’ Blog.”

His most recent posting, “Under the microscope – the Watchtower’s claims to divine direction (part 1),” analyzes the Watchtower’s assertion that it is the only religious organization on earth that receives special treatment and direct guidance from Jehovah God.  The first article examines the claim that Jehovah’s Witnesses can prove their blessed situation because of their continued annual membership growth throughout the world. Cedars checks the facts to verify that the Watchtower’s teaching is not only correct, but credible. Considering the  hours that Jehovah’s Witnesses claim to spend in the worldwide preaching work, do actual performance results prove they have a special gift from God?

In future articles, Cedars will check the Watchtower’s other major claims “proving their unique selection” by God  to be his earthly organization.

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