Ex-JWs Helping Haiti

ExJW4Haiti.com websiteA group of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses have stepped up to the plate and have created a quick and easy way for other former Jehovah’s Witnesses, their friends, family and other supporters to safely and securely give aid directly to non-profit groups who are now in Haiti and rendering aid in the form of medical care, drugs and medical supplies, food, and shelter.

Go here to find out how you can help: ExJWs4Haiti.com.

The citizens and residents of Haiti have experienced their own “Armageddon” this past week when a shallow fault under the island nation slipped and destroyed up to 75% of all buildings and major infrastructure within the country – taking thousands of human lives and injuring thousands more.

On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, the earthquake occurred inland about 16 miles (25km) from the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The earthquake was quite shallow at less than 10 miles from the surface and measured 7.0 on the Richter scale.

The Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault system generated the quake, producing very strong shaking and slippage for hundreds of miles in all directions. Shaking was also felt in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Haiti’s neighboring country of the Dominican Republic. Authorities issued a tsunami warning  shortly after the quake, but it was soon canceled.

The devastation to property and human lives was horrific. As of this writing, an estimated 72,000 have already been buried, with estimates of up to 250,000 dead being predicted.

The problem facing governments and charitable organizations that have come to the aid of the Haitian people is simply how to get that aid to the people who need it. Think of the size of the task involved if Los Angeles or New York were completely devastated – and you get an idea of the size of the job ahead in Haiti.

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Love and the Watchtower

Jehovah’s Witnesses completely fail to follow the instruction of Jesus Christ “to love your neighbor as yourself.” How they can claim to be God’s chosen people when they do not follow the most basic of His commandments?JW Rejection
Jehovah’s Witnesses have always tried to promote the idea that their organization is the earthly representation of God’s love through Jesus Christ. Beginning in the early days of the Bible Students under Charles Taze Russell, they have called each other “brother” and “sister” as a representation of their special relationship that is not unlike that of a large family.

When a potential new convert is studying with an active Witness, he or she is smothered with love from not only the person who comes to their home – but from all of the other members of the local Kingdom Hall whenever they start attending meetings.

After they accept “The Truth” and submit to baptism, they realize that Witness “love” comes with a lot of conditions. They will soon find that the relationships they had when they were in the conversion stage will change after they become regular JWs.

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