Review of “Witness to Murder” TV Documentary

JamesK2James Kostelniuk, author of Wolves Among Sheep, has written a review of the ID Discovery cable television show about the horrific murder of his ex-wife and children. You can read his review and additional information at:

Feel free to comment on the show if you have seen it. It will soon be available on most cable system “On Demand” systems and will eventually be available on Prime video services and other video streaming sites.

So far nearly everyone who has seen this documentary has said that the casting was near perfect, the story was quite accurately portrayed, and most of the details were mostly correct. There has been a great deal of discussion on both Facebook and Twitter about this case.

Barbara Anderson and others plan on writing their own reviews before the program becomes more widely available. Here is a link to the ID Discovery Channel information website:

[Screengrab of James Kostelniuk credit: ID Discovery]