JWSurvey.org announces 2012 Global Survey

There is a new online survey about Jehovah’s Witnesses available for participation by all current and former members at JWSurvey.org.

“Cedars,” the founder and main contributor to the website, announced during a podcast on Saturday, January 28th that the new 2012 Global Survey of Jehovah’s Witnesses is now open for business. The new survey is designed as a more specific and definitive follow-up to the successful 2011 Global Survey that began in September 2011.

Using suggestions from many of the website’s readers and previous survey participants, Cedars decided to expand the 2012 version to include more specific questions directed to subgroups within the Witness culture. There are questions for elders, those claiming membership in the “anointed” class, average active publishers, and even disfellowshipped or disassociated members. Groups also include those who have not been baptized yet and Witnesses who have simply faded away from active membership.

Like the 2011 Survey and the site’s “Mini-Surveys,” participation is free, easy and secure. It also has the added benefit of immediate feedback. After a participant answers each question, the system updates the current totals and shows the results instantly.

The 2011 Global Survey was only online for a little over three months – but had nearly 1200 respondents. “Cedars” and webmaster John Hoyle are hoping that with eleven months left in 2012 they will eventually see hundreds of participants in every one of the six subcategories. “We’re not expecting a lot of ‘anointed’ members or anyone from the Governing Body to take the survey, but we feel that all other categories should be well represented given the amount of time the survey will be online.”

During a Cult Free Radio interview (#13), Cedars mentioned that results from the 2011 Survey are still being compiled. He will forwarded them to the Watchtower Society’s leadership and Governing Body, as well as international news organizations. “It’s all about giving average Jehovah’s Witnesses, both active or inactive, a chance to share their opinions – to have their say for once. We’re hoping that the 2012 version will be even more definitive and informative.”

Cedars also made it clear during the interview that the purpose of the Survey is not to criticize Jehovah’s Witnesses, but rather to educate anyone with ties to the religion. He also pointed out that some very interesting and unexpected results have already surfaced while compiling the 2011 Survey. “We can only imagine what we will discover with the new format and expanded questions.”

Click Here to Go to the 2012 Global Survey of Jehovah’s Witnesses

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