JW Crime Story on Discovery ID August 20th


wolvesAiring Wednesday, August 20th in the United States a new documentary produced for television on Identification Discovery (ID) channel, based on Jim Kostelniuk’s book, Wolves Among Sheep: the true story of murder in a Jehovah’s Witness community.

DEADLY DEVOTION SEASON 2: the episode “Witness to Murder” will be shown Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. EST as well as Thursday, August 21st at 12:00 a.m. (midnight)and Sunday, August 24th at 10:00 a.m.

For those who subscribe to cable systems (Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner) the program will also be available on “On Demand” and other similar services after the show airs on ID Discovery (“Discovery ID” in some markets).

15 thoughts on “JW Crime Story on Discovery ID August 20th

  1. Pls would the programmers of this site concentrate on organisational shortfalls highlighting the inadequacies of WBTC as a whole and not isolated incidences of murder and abuse. It’s much more powerful to expose corruption from the top than pick in individuals and poor decision making from insignificant ‘elders’.

    Allan- Australia

  2. Allan, In a word, “No,” the “progammers of this site” will not ignore cases of murder or abuse. While some of these cases may be “isolated” in terms of geography and time period, they are all symptoms of the larger problem within the Watchtower organization and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Sitting in the “catbird seat,” as some of us are, we see the bigger picture of the crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated by both the organization and its members. It is not “the most joyous” organization it proclaims itself to be. Almost every day we hear of another case of child abuse that went unpunished, families broken up because some choose to leave or to question, and even more serious crimes involving murder and larceny. The problem is that the Watchtower chooses to ignore the big problems within its ranks and just glosses over them. You will never read an article in the Watchtower or Awake! about a member being abused, a murder, or someone being swindled out of their life savings or inheritance. Someone has to do it – and because the Watchtower won’t take an active roll and prefers to hide these facts – we, and others like us, take on that chore. You’re welcome to visit and read our articles any time, but your criticism of our presentation of these stories is misdirected. “Isolated incidences of murder and abuse”? Are you blind? How can you say such a thing?

  3. Under the guise of being “Jehovah’s Organization” they turn a blind eye to countless injuries caused by their members. They seem to attract abusers like mad. Keep shining your bright lights on them.

  4. This organisation has broken up families, condemned medical advances (vaccinations, blood transfusions, organ transplants) and has conned people into relinquishing their moneys and houses and further education. They have placed the blame for all this on ‘misunderstanding’ on the part of the members. They are truly ‘False prophets’ and the ‘Evil slave’

  5. having lost my entire family after leaving the religion that i was born and raised in witha devout family of elders, minesterial servants and pioneers (which I was once as well).. I applaud your efforts. my stomach is sickened even now with some weird fear down deep inside that Im doing something ‘wrong’ … even now after 20 years out!

  6. excellent program. I was impressed with how well it was put together. They are a corrupt group, speaking from experience. 27 years inside and I am glad I am out and all my children are out safe and sound.
    Please keep publishing shows like this. It helped me .

  7. Sue,
    I too was born and raised and am out 20 years now. Only two years ago I finally came to the realization that this really really isnt THE TRUTH.. its fake my friend. you have been brainwashed all your life and continue to be manipulated and abused as they continue to judge and shun you. I was never even disfellowshipped due to some weird reason that I will never fully understand (yet I have my theories since im pretty sure they were afraid of what i would do locally) Still Im treated as if Im disfellowshipped by my entire family. I dont even know what my nieces and nephews (and now great nieces and nephews) look like and we were once as close as can be. Im sure Im considered an apostate BUT I DONT CARE. Just yesterday my mother who still talks to me but tries very hard to ignore my lifestyle yet still wants to talk about going out in service and her bible studies.. she’s age 80. She says to me ‘i just try to not worry about you and what your life is” and for the first time I interupted her and said “Mom this goes two ways. I happen to like MY life and feel very productive and help people every day just as much as you ‘think you do by trying to get people to be JW. You have no idea how I keep quiet and how disappointed I AM in YOU and how I was raised in religion that some would call a cult, Mom. That’s right .. a cult” You know it didnt phase her one bit. She began to talk about how the JW’s are online now and have their own “tv channel” …. as if I didnt even talk. I just let it go. Sue, I hope you can come to the peace of mind of finally really clicking and realizing inside that this religion is not the truth. Its just not Sue. Its not real. JR Rutheford or Charles Taze Russel did not create the JW religion and it BE true! Its nonsense. You are not going to die at Harmaggedon. It took me YEARS to figure out my own belief system and build a new foundation of spirituality and belief in God and what that means to me and so forth and even now Im working on that. I know the feeling of guilt down deep in your gut. I had it even when I was a full blown witness, pioneer. My mother raised us to believe we would never really be good enough to survive to the new system anyway so all my life I figured I was going to die no matter what. I feel ya Sue. If i can help in any way let me know. Im happy to spend time with you if it will help you pull out of this guilt thing and embrace the real truth and that is that JW’s are a cult, brainwashing us from birth on (those of us unlucky enough to be born into it) and use guilt, shame, condescendence (sorry wrong spelling) and manipulation ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE FEMALE to put you in your place and keep you there. sorry for the long rant. its late and im rambling. but maybe it will help a little.

  8. No religious system or organization is truth. As long as you have messed up people like Charles Russell JUDGE Rutherford a group of men calling themselfs faithful servant who are basically screed up people, there will always be screed up theology and religions.

  9. While do people always think there has to be a truth out there ??????????????????
    As long as we think there should be a truth out there we will always have problems, and always be disappointed

  10. Warn people to be careful of what they let into there heads, Jehovah’s witnesses ways can come over as harmless to begin with, but if people let that JW teachings go on drip drip into the head, eventually we start to really believe that, when first we knew it never made sence.
    Therefore be careful, it can take people years to finally get out of that crap, with a heavy toll.

  11. The who Jehovah’s witnesses religion is a religious trap, which traps people into religious systems which can seriously mess up the head for years.

    Keep this in mind, Its like *honey and poison* mixed together. The honey part of it pulls us in, then we start to have issues and problems, and that’s because of the poison side to it.

    You CANNOT separate the 2, you have to get out of it, no matter what.

  12. Jehovah’s witnesses are not accountable to each other, so if your life screws up there, or if you loose a child because of not giving blood, then realise in years to come that your views on it were wrong, NO Jehovah’s witness will come running to your aid.

  13. The way Jehovah’s witnesses treets people needs to be advertised in public right in front of the witnesses as well. The witnesses don’t care about people at all deep down, its just a numbers religion to them and to fill out there hours report slips.

  14. Everything that causes people problems in a religion needs to be exposed and brought out in the open, anything that effects even one person is significant.

    Stay together and united on these thoughts, because as screwd up as the witnesses may be, they are coming over as united themselfs, then people getting drawn into it just to discover its full of issues which starts to give there members serious problems.

  15. Trevor,
    I appreciate your comments but do know that there are tons Of JW’s out there who do care about people and sincerely feel it is their duty to help people see the truth, study, get baptized and stay a witness so that they can be approved of by God and make it through to “the new system”. They are saving lives, so they think. Brainwashing is the main tactic for keeping people in the religion which is why there are three meetings a week two of which last two hours, field service every day, bible texts to consider in the morning, watchtowers to study, theocratic ministry school lit to study, tues. night book study lit, to study, practicing assigned talks and more. and lets not forget the assemblies and the rules to not associate outside the religion, all designed to keep people brainwashed. its the ORGANIZATION as a rule that doesnt care about PEOPLE. But there are individuals floating throughout that do care. I know because I was one of them. So many never get out, dont want to or are too scared of the consequences. Some even end their own lives rather than suffer the guilt and fear . its disgusting. I do agree with you. I just dont want people to be turned off to you thinking you are wrong because they do happen to know of someone who is genuine yet caught up in the cult of a religion.

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