Governing Body Admits Doubts Over New Headquarters Plans

By Cedars

The latest August 15th Study Edition of the Watchtower includes a 4-page review from the annual meeting of the Watch Tower, Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

Despite admitting uncertainty over God's backing, the Governing Body are forging ahead with a costly building project

An interesting insight was given into the Governing Body’s plans to build a new world headquarters complex in Warwick, upstate New York. It was particularly interesting to note the uncertainty shrouding these plans, and the Governing Body’s eagerness to proceed regardless – despite the supposed urgency of the times in which we are living.

After showing delegates a video of various Society-owned sites at Wallkill, Patterson, Warwick and Tuxedo, Governing Body member Guy Pierce spoke of plans to build a 248-acre property at Warwick, saying: “Although we are not yet certain of Jehovah’s will regarding Warwick, we are proceeding to develop the site with the intention of relocating the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses there.”

Guy Pierce confessed "we are not yet certain of Jehovah's will regarding Warwick"

Many Jehovah’s Witnesses who are familiar with the role and function of the Governing Body will doubtless be bewildered at the above comments. Though candid, their statements reveal a Governing Body that is willing to forge ahead with lengthy, elaborate and costly construction projects at a time of supposed urgency, despite admitting uncertainty over Jehovah’s will in this regard.

After outlining further plans to develop a 50-acre site for the “staging of machinery and building material,” Pierce revealed: “Once construction is permitted, we hope to complete the entire project within four years. Then our property in Brooklyn can be sold.” Ironically, a construction project is already underway for a new 300-room residence building at Walkill – scheduled for completion in 2014 – a year that will mark 100 years of the “short period of time” mentioned at Revelation 12:12.

And so, a four-year building project to build a new multi-million dollar world headquarters is also about to get underway, despite professed doubts over Jehovah’s backing, and the immense time and costs involved in the undertaking. Pierce acknowledged the irony of such a lengthy project being launched when the world is supposedly on the verge of Armageddon, saying: “Has the Governing Body changed its mind about the closeness of the great tribulation? Not at all. If the great tribulation interrupts our plans, that will be wonderful, absolutely wonderful!”

Regardless of the Governing Body’s assertion that it would welcome the interruption of the “Great Tribulation” during the course of its construction project, there is no denying that it will take enormous effort and resources for their plans to come to fruition at a time of supposed unprecedented urgency. For example, can you imagine all the volunteer hours required for construction of such a vast complex over a four-year period? Does the Governing Body not believe that the time and efforts of this vast volunteer workforce would be better spent in the preaching activity, given the supposed nearness of Armageddon?

The existing world headquarters in Brooklyn - a prime real estate asset that the Society seeks to liquidate during a slump in the property market

Moreover, what about the inevitable drain on donations during the construction phase before they sell the Brooklyn properties? Undoubtedly, they will recoup the money eventually. On the other hand, is it really wise to devote millions of dollars in donations for the worldwide work toward the building of a brand-new headquarters complex, when the Society already has perfectly adequate and functional headquarters in Brooklyn? Don’t forget, this is all happening at a time of significant economic uncertainty, when real estate prices are at record lows. Is this really the ideal time to sell such potentially lucrative property in Brooklyn? It’s no wonder that the Governing Body admits to being uncertain about “Jehovah’s will” concerning the project. What is remarkable is that they are forging ahead with the project regardless.

In reading the report from the annual meeting, I remembered Jesus’ parable of the ten virgins, which immediately follows his remarks about the faithful and discreet slave. The parable, found at Matthew 25:1-13, demonstrates the need to stay alert in waiting upon the master, and to not allow oneself to become preoccupied by material concerns. In the scripture, the five foolish virgins were denied a place at the marriage feast of the bridegroom, who tells them “I tell you the truth, I do not know you.” They squandered their places as guests at the proceedings by not bringing enough oil for their lanterns, and running off to buy more oil at the last moment.

Jesus' parable of the ten virgins highlighted the need for wisdom and prudence

On the one hand, the Governing Body tells us that the times are urgent, and that we are on the cusp of the “Great Tribulation.” On the other hand, they distract themselves with real estate transactions and lengthy building projects that drain both the time and resources of their flock. They unwittingly mimic the five foolish virgins by busying themselves with non-essential material concerns at a time of supposed urgency. After all, why exactly is a new world headquarters needed? Has Jehovah provided insufficiently with the existing facilities at Wallkill, Patterson and Brooklyn?

It’s difficult to look at these lavish plans and imagine behind them a group of men who are truly representative of the “faithful and discreet slave.” How can these men be entirely focused on “delivering food at the proper time” to a global brotherhood, when they are so easily distracted by needless projects that drain both time and donations?

While vast swathes of the Earth's surface are still under ban, the Society seem more concerned with lengthy construction projects

As I discussed in a recent article, a vast segment of the Earth’s population has never heard of Jehovah’s Witnesses. A closer inspection of the worldwide report indicates that 27% of the earth’s population in the so-called “30 Other Lands” is barely being reached with the good news at all. These banned countries form a gaping expanse that covers 17% of the earth’s land surface, stretching unbroken from Africa’s Atlantic coast right across to the Korean peninsula in the Pacific. If the Governing Body were truly serious about its self-proclaimed position as representatives of the Slave Class, would it not instead be devoting funds to find new ways of reaching people in these countries where the work is under ban with “food at the proper time”? Don’t the 1.9 billion people in these mostly Arab and communist countries deserve to have the kingdom message reach them before the end comes? Is building a new 100-hectare lakeside complex in upstate New York more important than their salvation?

I believe there is more to these plans than simply improving the Society’s headquarters facilities, which are already more than fit for their required purpose. It’s my understanding that the primary motivating factor behind the Governing Body’s plans is their urgent need to liquidate funds now tied up in the remaining property assets in Brooklyn. They would rather risk doing this in the short term even if this means selling property at below the normal asking price during a downturn in the real estate market. For some time now, the Watch Tower Society has been experiencing decline in income due to reduced growth in developing countries – their principal source of donations.

As a result, we are seeing a reduction in the monthly magazine printing commitments, the widespread closure of branches, and the selling-off of real estate (sometimes far below the asking price). It seems that in a further act of desperation, the Society is now “throwing the dice” with dedicated funds donated by well-meaning publishers, and then spending this money on lucrative property schemes. In this case, they are building a new headquarters complex in upstate New York. This allows them to finally sell off the last of the Brooklyn properties, which despite the deflated market values will still be worth substantially more than when first purchased. Even so, in these times of economic uncertainty, there can be no assurances.

This is happening at a time when Armageddon is supposedly almost upon us. During our recent District Convention, the speakers attempted to reinforce this belief by reminding us of the immense image in the book of Daniel. They told us that the stone has all but struck the feet of the statue, signifying the imminent arrival of God’s kingdom to rule over mankind. If this is truly the case, then why the frantic buying and selling of property?

Guy Pierce assured us that the Governing Body would still welcome an interruption of the “Great Tribulation” if it came during the building project. However, when he made this glib remark, he missed the point altogether, betraying his own arrogance and ignorance – and that of his colleagues.

The significance of our times supposedly requires us all to focus our efforts and resources on the preaching work in order to draw in the “Great Crowd” out of all nations. Whether the Governing Body feels that the arrival of the “Great Tribulation” in the midst of their construction plans would be “absolutely wonderful” is irrelevant in such a context. Given the urgency of these times, what should be of paramount importance is that they fulfill their duties towards the kingdom preaching work with full wisdom and discretion.

I find it interesting that in their apparent preoccupation with buying, selling and building property, they’ve forgotten their self-proclaimed commission. I am confident this will not go unnoticed.


12 thoughts on “Governing Body Admits Doubts Over New Headquarters Plans

  1. The Society’s way of thinking is absurd! If I were still one of JW’s, finding this out would terrify me. I imagine that many of them will began to have some serious doubts about whether ” the end of this system of things” is ever going to come. There are many JW’s who gave up having any chance of getting a higher education, selling their homes and dedicating their lives to do the preaching work, waiting for Armeggedon in 1975. They ( including myself ) listened to the direction of the GB and are now paying the consequences of being lied to. The Governing Body has always warned their followers of the dangers of materialism. I’m sure they will come up with some plausible excuse as to why Jehovah favors them or needs this new elaborate construction to be paid for, with helpful donations from those who can’t afford it,

  2. Many people do not realize that the drunk Rutherford actually sold stock in the Watchtower to non believers since their money spends just as good as a believer. The real bosses in Crooklyn will never ever reveal themselves. You can bet that non believers hold the reigns of power and that the publishing company/real estate business is fronted by this religion and does not exist for the good of their flock. God is not Jehovah to them, the almighty dollar is their true god.

  3. This is all good news if it points to financial desperation. Falls in door knocker numbers; falls in converts; falls in donations; falls in the slave labour mag. pushing brigade. The WBTS cannot survive in the information age. It has only recently acknowledged the internet, but cannot operate in an interactive medium. It is a top down dictatorship or it is nothing. Let us hope it will soon be nothing.

  4. The Watchtower Corporation has finally had its run with their publishing business. Why the hell would any Corporation be selling off “Prime Real Estate” in one of the worst markets to hit the world? Those pencil neck geeks called the “Governing Body” have no idea what mainstream is and thats why they are losing the slaves in droves. Little bit of advice , only the old school generation reads newspapers/magazines and they are dying off. Good luck to your future endeavors, you Kmart tie wearing fools in Brooklyn seriously need it.

  5. Liquidating Brooklyn to pay for sexual abuse claims and to compensate for falling mag. sales is the reason. If that were the only news the poor old slaves of the F and D slave might be alarmed. The new HQ story gives the impression that a beleagured, desperate organisation in its death throes, still has plans for the (pre Armageddon) future. We are living, certainly, in the times of the End, but not the End, JW Armageddon style.. The End of the WBTS is nigh.

  6. how can the flock be so dam dumb to all this is amazing,Only an idiot would look the other way after reading all this- Hell at least Al Capone was right up front with his crime-crooklyn tries to hide it but to no avail- The internet will be the cancer that will kill the watchtower.It seems the whole dam corporation is in a no win situation. Good for them. I do not feel sorry for their slaves because those slaves in the south during the civil war knew they were slaves and wanted their freedom. But it seems to me that the slaves (pubvlishers) love to be controlled.They love to jump high as Crooklyn tells them to.They love the governing body to tell them even how to tie their shoe laces–what a great day I see coming-revenge is mine says the Lord- And the evil slave class in Crooklyn is in trouble.

  7. Read Greg Hunter’s, it’s very precise in it’s proof that this old worlds day’s are severely numbered. Guest from all spectrums are interviewed and all are welcome to post! Wake up, google, oldest woman 117 just died, the generation wont be around much longer, time is short, Hallelujah, praise Jah!

  8. What else is there? Perhaps you make some good points. Perhaps you do not. Regardless, even if the governing body of JW made less than sound choices, which I personally do not believe, but even if so, what else is there? You want to put your faith in ISIS, the Pope, Hindu gods, Alah, commercial Christianity? There is nothing else. JW’s are governed by men, imperfect men, imperfect men who seek the guidance of the creator and sovereign of the universe. Perhaps they will make choices that are not readily agreeable by everyone’s sound reasoning and logic. Yet, at the end of the day, there is no other organization on this planet that I will trust with my life, or the life of my children. The refuse to go to war, the refuse to get involved in politics, the teach the Bible’s message of a new world where man will grow to perfection and live forever. Site’s like yours are a distraction and you’re well written, rational arguments only cause doubt within those whose conviction is not yet fully developed. You and I both know there is nothing else, no other organization on the planet that comes close to representing the creator of the universe. You’re likely bitter you weren’t welcomed more fully into the congregation you learned the truth in. Someone probably hurt your feelings and you were unable or unwilling to forgive. I hope you turn around and take down this site.

  9. Too true Kelly, – Who but a fool would doubt that the Watchtower is mankind’s only hope? Just look at the record of this wonderful little sect on Christendom since its formation as an Adventist breakaway splinter in 1879. All its prophecies about the date for Armageddon have been wrong. It has adopted, and abandoned, Christian Zionism and the Rapture. Since 1945 thousands have died through the flip flopping attitude to blood transfusion, an attitude based on dietary laws which the New Testament anyway had abandoned. Countless families have been split through the edicts on shunning those who no longer accept that 7 self appointed control freaks in New York are the ‘Faithful and Discreet slave’ as referred to by Jesus in Matthew’s gospel. Paedophiles are protected by adherence to the 2 witness rule in Deuteronomy, for all that JWs ignore a whole host of other edicts on the Torah. JW lives are also diminished by the dismissal of the value of education once the ability to read and parrot Watchtower publications has been acquired.

    It is, however, reassuring that you, Kelly, feel able to defy the edicts of Jehovah’s sole earthly agents and both read and contribute to apostate forums. If your entire life and thoughts are in the grip of the Watchtower, it is of course difficult to face the reality that you are but the dupe of a global publishing and property corporation that abuses your goodwill and exploits you as an unpaid magazine distributor.

    Here’s to your recovery and escape!

  10. Why are they building this elaborate place when the world is near its end? That question is on everybodys mind. The answer is simple.Its because that gb does not believe what they are preaching. They are trying to convince the whole world about the end being so near when they themselves do not believe that nonsense. When the followers of this nonsense run out of being squeezed out of their money then it will all be over. There is just so much that a window washer can give. Them clowns in crooklyn say that they will complete this new building craze if Jehovah wishes. I have news about that. They give all the thanks to Jehovah when it is the zombies that is building and paying for all this building. They should thank the flock. Not Jehovah- Jehovah has nothing to do with this nonsense.The gb keeps saying how Jehovah is blessing them so much. Who is blessing about child molestation? They wont talk about that cancer.And they run other religion down. They are just as bad as any other religion.They are corrupt just like any other religion.And they will come to a stand still soon. All the things that is bad is being done by the jws. They are just like anyone else. Sinful dieing men.Lieing like a rug but it is catching up with them. The internet will bring them down. The flock goes on the internet just like we do.They see all the sites on here. They deny it but people are curious and they will look. The writing is on the wall.

  11. New York lives in a Bubble, that is why only Hilary or Trump can afford to run for president. So no worries, Jehovah will make a profit from selling in New York.

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