Ex-JW.com is back…finally!

My apologies to all my old friends and followers after nearly three years of doing very little with this website. I’ll try to explain why – and come up with some worthless excuses – a little further down this page.

While I have not paid much attention to this website for so many months, that does not mean I have been idle. While my wife would love for me to give her more attention and spend more time in front of the TV watching the latest “Adventures of Trump” with her, I prefer to waste my precious time chatting with friends like Barbara Anderson, Richard Kelly, and keeping up with the latest going on with my three grown daughters and their families.

A lot has happened over the past couple of years since I stopped updating this website. While I’ve let the grass on this site grow tall, I have continued to edit, write, and contribute from time to time on Barbara’s WatchtowerDocuments.org. I have to say that has been my greatest privilege since leaving the Witnesses and the Watchtower organization over 50 years ago.

Let me make one thing clear: I know a lot more now about Jehovah’s Witnesses, their history, leaders, publications, and constant changes in doctrine, preaching methods, and organization – even with all their constant changes and reorganization – than I ever did as an active member.

The good news for you, my dear readers, is that you get to benefit by learning from my mistakes, sharing my experiences, and discovering new facts and truths about the Watchtower organization.

It’s impossible to get your hands around all of the news going on in JW and Watchtower world. Every month

If you are not a Jehovah’s Witness you should expect to still gain some enlightenment and be entertained by the sheer volume of material that exists on this website. And Barbara and I plan to open our vaults and share our library of documents, books, and other historic materials and share them with you. Plan to be amazed, baffled, and overwhelmed with all the information we have in our collections and libraries.

Warning: I will probably change and add to the format of this website several times before I get it right (or at least to the point where I consider it acceptable. I apologize for letting it “go to pot” and decay so poorly. But, like I wrote above, Barbara has kept me very busy – and things are going to be even more hectic in the months to come.

So please – come visit occasionally and feel free to share your comments with me. You can add comments to any page or article. I will soon be adding a new email address that you can use to contact me. You can also message me by leaving a comment on any recent article posted on WatchtowerDocuments.org.

Watch for some amazing new things to be announced in the near future. Leave me a message below if you want to share your story or make suggestions.

John Hoyle

One thought on “Ex-JW.com is back…finally!

  1. After being raised in the “Truth” during the ’50’s, I never questioned the rules and regs of “the society”. Later in life, I began to research religion and wondered what it was all about. My studies have led me to the conclusion that all religion is simply organizations that function to control the populace. It is based on the “punishment or reward” theory, so if one behaves in the proper prescribed fashion, you are admired and have the promise of a reward after death in this human life. Conversely, if you ignore the prescribed rituals and regs, you are punished by your leadership with rebuke, warnings, possible ostracism, and threat of a horrible afterlife.
    My studies give question to the accuracy of some of the stories in our Bible…..a book compiled by the Roman Catholic church in the third century. The Catholic Church, being the masters of believer control, chose from hundreds of documents, the “ones” they wanted included in what we now use as our Bible. Interestingly, light was created on the first creative day, but the light source was not made until day four??? I find it strange that the Eden story has all the animals male and female but man is male with no female counterpart. Then, suddenly, it occurs to God that man needs his mate? I find it strange that the first couple are given the command to procreate but they do not do so until being expelled from the garden. Strangely, their first two sons are making religious offerings with no religion, and ther first son becomes a killer. Able was a favored person with God, but god allowed Cain to kill him and allowed Cain to prosper and build a nation?
    We are taught that God loves us and is looking for ways to forgive our errors, but Genesis says he was unwilling to forgive the first couples error and gave them a death sentence and hard labor. Why did God place a forbidden item in a paradise? Hmmm, think on these things.

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