“Seeds of dissent” against the Governing Body?

Editor’s Note: I just received the following news release announcing an attempt to organize an underground movement of Jehovah’s Witnesses who want a voice in how they are treated by their own religion. Ever since “Brother Siam” wrote and submitted his “Open Letter to the Governing Body” back in January, the level of dissent has grown, led by a small group of Witnesses who are hoping to find a way to get the leaders of the Watchtower Society to take note of their honest concerns and act on them in a positive way. Although it is clear that many ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses and non Witness critics will back this new movement, what has surprised observers is the amount of support apparently coming from many who identify themselves as “active” rank and file JWs. It’s clear from the recent chatter on message boards and forums frequented by both active and former JWs that there is a growing level of honest and intelligent concern about the direction the Governing Body is taking. This applies not only to the Governing Body’s questionable religious teachings, but also a growing rebellion against the way local elders and publishers are being affected by the hard-line policies recently laid down by Watchtower headquarters. Follow the links listed in the news release and you will soon find dozens of threads and comments on this new movement.

June 27, 2011

Seeds of Dissent Appear
Within the Jehovah’s Witness Religion

Jehovah’s Witnesses are widely known as Bible carrying door-to-door evangelists with an unusual religious doctrine. They are the kids in your class who refuse to salute the flag or the co-worker who refuses to sing “Happy Birthday” at an office birthday party. This group is also known for their frequently shifting doctrinal stances on a number of important issues, including blood transfusions and Armageddon.

This religious group of over 7 million followers is led by a self-appointed committee of seven older men headquartered in Brooklyn, NY (USA). It is from there that the committee, known simply as the “Governing Body,” issues organizational and doctrinal direction for the entire Watchtower organization. Jehovah’s Witnesses are expected to follow direction coming from Brooklyn without question. Recently though, there has been increasing concern within the rank and file of the organization about the tone and content of the directives and teachings coming from this group of seven men.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are expected to have unity and harmony of thought and understanding of their unique teachings. To accomplish this, a strict regimen of education is used worldwide with 100,000 plus congregations studying the same catechistic material every week.  Individuals who no longer hold fast to every unique doctrine are quickly expelled from the congregations and shunned by their family and friends.  Some Witnesses are expelled because they speak out against practices and policies of the Governing Body.

This practice of enforcing unity through ad hominem attacks and threats of expulsion has resulted in a subculture of dissenters within the ranks. These individuals generally remain anonymous out of fear of excommunication, but include former and active Elders of the Congregation, as well as Circuit and District representatives.  They’ve resorted to making their concerns known though surreptitious methods on Internet message boards, through email, and in conversations with trusted friends.

Recently an Elder resigned as an Overseer and then wrote an “Open Letter to the Governing Body” of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In his letter he lays out the reasons he resigned as an Elder. They include “promotion of false prophecy,” and policies of hiding child molesters within the organization.  This letter was posted online at Ex-JW.com and Jehovahs-Witness.net. The response to his letter has been overwhelming from active Witnesses who agree with the sentiments expressed by this ex-Elder.

Several individuals have taken this letter of dissent and used it to start a campaign to reach as many active Witnesses as possible.  This caught the attention of the Governing Body who, instead of trying to respond publicly to the very real issues posed in the elder’s letter, have instead sent “cease and desist” letters to the email host of the campaigners.  The letter has also struck a chord with some Witnesses who also feel that the Governing Body is acting in an hypocritical and corrupt manner, promoting the interpretations and policies of men as “the sayings of God.”

According to the author of the open letter, this campaign is not intended to divide the worldwide congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Instead its goal is to simply inform those who see these problems with the leadership and teachings of this organization that they are not alone.

What will come of this campaign remains to be seen. Historically Jehovah’s Witnesses have been a society where any sign of dissension was quickly squashed. The Internet has opened new lines of communication between Witnesses and allowed a freer dialogue between friends. Thoughts can now be communicated in an easy manner through social networks and email. This medium allows many sincere Jehovah’s Witnesses to contact each other to exchange ideas. It also lets many people from all over the world join in a oneness of thought and expression that is not enforced by fear, but instead by the desire to see the Governing Body exposed for what it actually is.

These seeds of dissent that have recently become manifest are encouraging to those active Witnesses who themselves are silently dissenting and are patiently waiting for changes to take place within the Watchtower organization.  The Governing Body’s reaction to this movement is telling; they realize that their days of enforcing unity by means of information control and threats are numbered.

To read the original “Open Letter” article, CLICK HERE.

10 thoughts on ““Seeds of dissent” against the Governing Body?

  1. This release and this movement from among Jehovah’s own people will be supported and welcomed by thousands. We stand ready to do what must be done, as Martin Luther and countless others have done when standing up to corrupt organizations that have lost their way.

  2. I am an ex-JW and my question is simple: if one feels that the organization (not the teachings or the principles) is wrong in any way, why stay in it? One can continue to pursue beliefs and practices without being associated with an organization one considers hypocritical and corrupted. JW know that information goes one way only, down the chain, and that the Governing Body takes no hint whatsoever from the rank and file. So leave them to their own dirty games and get yourselves out of it.

  3. @Sy2502 – You certainly have a point. However, those of us in and that still care about many of the individuals that are “captive to the concept” as Ray Franz said would like to hope that more can be done.

    Plans are in the works. It may accomplish no lasting change, or it may create a ripple that grows into a spiritual nuke for the WTO. We shall see. At some point a critical mass may be reached. Thousands are awake within the Org, but don’t know what to do.
    Stay tuned 😉

  4. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses stay in simply because they do not want to suffer total isolation from their friends and family.

  5. Well written & succinct points by Bro. Siam & lol @ Editor’s reply to that other guy. Too funny.

    1. Sadly, thousands of people have written similar letters to the org. It doesn’t make a dent. Don’t hold your breath nor expect the org to change. It won’t.

    2. Bill Bowen tried to wake JWs up over 10 years ago & with national media at that. Zilch. No change from the org.

    3. The WTBTS is no different than the RCC, with a top down controlling hierarchy. Just because WT has 7 men at the top vs. 1 pope man at the top doesn’t mean a hill of beans. Both designs are man-made & Biblically incorrect. JESUS is the HEAD OF HIS BODY of believers & the HOLY SPIRIT IS THE TEACHER. Period!

    4. Each congregation of believers should be a stand-alone autonomous body. If you own the KH, cut all ties with the WT org asap. They are dead weight bondage inducers who have usurped the Holy Spirit’s position as Teacher, Guide, Helper & Comforter.

    5. Haul the entire WT Library in each KH out to the dumpster. Better yet, build a bonfire & burn all WT literature as per Acts 19. Have each congo members empty their homes of all WT lit as well & add it all to the bonfire. Celebrate & praise God for your freedom in Christ. CAST OUT THE BONDWOMAN, as Paul said. (Throw out the WT songs, too! The words glorifying the WT GB more often than not. You know it’s true!)

    6. Paint over the name on the outside of the KH, in the phonebooks, on your local KH corporation papers, etc. Make a clean cut break from the org in every possible way. Show Jesus you mean business about letting HIM be the head of your local body of believers. Have no fear. Be courageous & bold. Do not shrink back to “Mother.” What fellowship does light/truth have with the darkness of WT bondage & lies?

    7. Don’t worry about “field service” for now. The body of believers need first to be unbrainwashed from thinking/teaching/spreading WT lies. That is the first priority, building up the local body in correct Biblical understanding without WT blinders/interpretations! Give the Holy Spirit back His rightful position as Teacher! That’s why Jesus sent him! He can’t do his job of teaching & correcting long-held errors if you keep clinging to the GB/WTS.

    8. No literature but the BIBLE at your cong mtgs. Everyone bring a Bible, that’s it.
    •Bible Study Tip #1: The Bible interprets itself! Let it! (You do NOT need the WT to interpret it for you!)
    •Tip #2: ALWAYS read scripture IN CONTEXT! NEVER pick one verse OUT of its CONTEXT without all the verses above it & below it!
    •Tip #3: Ask: WHO is speaking in this verse & TO WHOM are they speaking? (this is HUGE! Pay attention to that!)
    •Tip #4: Reject WT’s habit of “spiritualizing” verses rather than reading/interpreting them LITERALLY. The Bible says what it means & means what it says. Period! (Is there some symbology? Sure, but the Bible itself will interpret those symbols in other parts of the Bible. Search for it. It’s all there! Ask the Holy Spirit — not the WT — to help you find it! He will “lead you into ALL TRUTH.”)
    •Tip #5: Reject WT’s “two tier system” of an elite anointed class & a sub peon class. There are only two types in scripture: Hebrews & Gentiles. When you begin reading scripture IN CONTEXT, you will see that is true.
    •Tip #6: Reject WT’s version of “little flock.” WHO was Jesus speaking to? Faithful ISRAEL. PERIOD.
    •Tip #7: Reject WT’s version of “other sheep.” Since the little flock is clearly faithful Israel (read it in context!), the other sheep are GENTILES.
    •Tip #8: Reject WT’s version of prophecy! They have it all skewed up. Throw it out & start fresh! (Yes, there will be a 7-year Tribulation, an real individual Antichrist — Paul said so — & a False Prophet & an Armageddon war. JESUS WILL COME BACK LITERALLY. He always said He would! Every literal eye will literally see Him! Wake up!)
    •Tip #9: Learn the difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom & the Gospel of the GRACE of God. You will be amazed! Focus on Paul’s writings. They are for us in this administration of time in God’s plan! (Jesus was a “minister to the circumcision” — look it up! All He said while here applied to ISRAEL & THEIR earthly kingdom!)
    •Tip #10: Jesus commissioned Paul to go to the Gentiles. That’s us, here & now! (& any Jews that will also believe in the here & now!) Jesus gave Paul FOR ALL OF US the HEAVENLY HOPE! WT has robbed JWs of the HEAVENLY HOPE! (The future earthly kingdom is for, guess who? Exactly who Jesus promised it to > > HEBREWS.
    •Tip #10: ALL believers since Paul should partake of the Lord’s Supper! WT has robbed JWs of that as well! (And it doesn’t have to only be once a year!)
    •Tip #11: The 144,000 are LITERAL Hebrews, just like the Bible says. Period! They will be in charge of witnessing to the planet during the 7-year Tribulation, along with the “two witnesses,” & the final angelic witness that flies in midheaven, just as it says.
    •Tip #12: The gospel WE are supposed to be preaching in the here & now (pre-Tribulation) is the Gospel of the Grace of God, the message of RECONCILIATION of all men unto God. ALL saved Christians are AMBASSADORS of Christ, not just WT’s so-called elite anointed class. ALL Christians are anointed & sealed with the Holy Spirit at the moment of salvation (faith in the death, burial & resurrection of Christ as Paul described in 1 Cor. 15:1-4). Don’t let WT rob you of that as well! Reject your WT-peon status & embrace your POSITION “in Christ” who has already seated us in the heavenlies with Himself!
    •Tip #13: “THE WORD” was from the BEGINNING the COMMUNICATOR with His creation/mankind. It has been JESUS who has been progressively REVEALING Himself to mankind from Day One clear through to The REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST. It was HE who stepped out of the invisible realm & became visible to men. Hence, Jesus IS JEHOVAH of the Hebrew Scriptures. He is The WORD who has been doing ALL the talking with mankind. (God the Father & the Holy Spirit have always remained NAMELESS in Scripture. ONLY THE SON has been repeatedly named throughout the Bible: YHWH = JESUS = The New Name in Rev. 19 that no one yet knows but He Himself!)
    •Tip #14: Yes, there REALLY IS a “catching away” (harpazo) of believers TO HEAVEN, those already dead “in Christ” go first, then “we who are ALIVE & remain” at the moment this takes place, go up second! Our bodies will be instantly changed on the way up, from corruption to incorruption, from mortality to immortality! Paul called this THE BLESSED HOPE for ALL believers IN CHRIST. Don’t let WT rob you of THE BLESSED HOPE! (& yes, the harpazo is commonly referred to as the rapture which came from the Latin for harpazo/Greek!)
    •Tip #15: You cannot EARN your salvation. It has already been FREELY PROVIDED, PAID IN FULL. Period. You can, however, earn REWARDS depending on how you lived your life after your salvation. On the converse, if you fall, fail, stumble, sin, backslide, etc., you will lose heavenly REWARDS but NOT your heavenly SALVATION. Paul said so! Believe it & relax! Jesus PAID IT ALL ONCE FOR ALL TIME!
    •Tip #16: Jesus is NOT Michael the Archangel (a WT lie shared by Mormons!) Michael will stand up on behalf of DANIEL’s PEOPLE during the Trib. WHO were Daniel’s people? (Read in Context!) = ISRAEL is Daniel’s people. Period!
    •Tip #17: Matthew Mark Luke John, some of Acts, & John 1-2-3 Jude James Hebrews Peter Revelation were ALL written TO (drum roll) ISRAEL! pre-70 A.D. while they were still operating UNDER LAW. That’s why their “Kingdom (earthly) Gospel” differs from Paul’s “Grace (heavenly) Gospel” to the Gentile nations! (Acts is the book of TRANSITION from one to the other!) — After believers IN CHRIST are “caught away” to heaven, & the Tribulation begins, Grace & Peace Time is Over & God resumes Law & Wrath for apostate literal Israel & all unbelieving Gentiles. Even so, a great crowd & 1/3 of Israel will be saved & brought thru the fire of the Tribulation.

    So now you have plenty of food for thought for BIBLE STUDY MINUS ALL WT LITERATURE in your new independent, autonomous bodies of believers once you BREAK ALL TIES with the false WT org. IT will NEVER change but individual JWs & individual congregations CAN (though I doubt they will, too deep in WT brainwashing, but it’s a great thought! Easier to FLEE & hook up with Christian groups already established).

    PS: ALL kingdom descriptions & promises in the Hebrew scriptures were addressed TO (drum roll) ISRAEL, NOT the peon-earthly class-other sheep-great crowd of JWs! READ SCRIPTURE IN ITS CORRECT CONTEXT. That is the greatest eye-opening Tip I can offer! Now get to work studying! 🙂 You will love it! Be blessed!

  6. “way to get the leaders of the Watchtower Society to take note of their honest concerns and act on them in a positive way”

    The underground movement should be to abolish the organization and help others to escape the mental captivity. For all of the active members out there, you have friends and support all over the world. There a millions who have left the JW org and are here for your support. The answer is not to reason with the governing body, but rather remove the object (JW org) from your life that has lied and mislead for too long! Don’t take the open letter to governing body as fact or some disillusioned brother who doesn’t understand god’s channel. I implore all of you, please embark on a journey of research and discovery. Use reference material other than that published by JW org. Use it to make an informed decision. Use peer reviewed resources the same way you would consult more than one resource when making a big purchase such as a car. If you were buying a Ford, you would not take Ford’s word that it is the best car. None of us would. Don’t make a blind decision when it comes to your faith. ACTS 17:11, “And the people of Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul’s message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth”

  7. There is nothing more reasonable then asking the GB members to look inside themselves and ponder the criticism of educated members of it’s organization. However the one very large problem that these sincere individules are overlooking is that if the GB complied with their requests to run the organization with honisty and transparity it wouldn’t mean a better “Truth”, it would mean the end of the Organization. And the lawyers that are running and benifiting from the golden goose that JF Rutherfoed gave birth to would never let that happen. The GB members are just the figure heads of this very deceatful and dishonest land developing/publishing cooperation pretending to be a religion for the tax binifits and free labor. Wake up people!

  8. Revelation 12 that dragon is the devil.  Then it says that it has seven heads.  These are kingdoms that the devil has operated through to persecute God’s people.

    7 men of the watchtowers governing body that they operate in 7 continents. Destroying families, people and thousands have died from not receiving blood transfusion and call all other religions Satan!

  9. I am an ex-jw now and was one of the anointed. I do love the fact that I feel like I have a relationship with Jesus again but I am still in need of a place of worship I went to a church for there Sunday school class and it was like a kindergarten class mine and my young daughters knowledge of the Bible well exceeded what was being taught. I am thinking that I am going to have to have my own place of worship. And then I also have a concern for my oldest daughter who is still a jw and my current husband I saw the things from the convention the subtle brain washing things in it are so appearant when your not in the organization anymore but like an angel of light to those blinded.

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