Celebrities who are (or were) JWs – Part 1

This was the very first of our popular articles about celebrities and talented performers who have some sort of past or present history connected to the Jehovah’s Witness religion. We’ve updated a few things and have added an extended video gallery at the end of the article. Our purpose is to fairly present these famous people and their often extensive talents. You may find yourself amazed and educated.

We’ll be updating the other articles in this same series over the next few weeks, adding expanded video galleries to each one. Please feel free to comment and let us know how you like the changes. Be sure to tell your friends to check us out.

This article was first published on April 15, 2009.  Within 72 hours prior to the June 25, 2009 update, American pop culture lost three of its entertainment icons: Ed McMahon (Johnny Carson’s sidekick and foil), Farrah Fawcett (every teenage boy’s fantasy girl from 1972-1982), and Michael Jackson (so-called “King of Pop” and walking example of really bad plastic surgery) – who happened to be one of the celebrities on our first list. Please note that this list has now been updated to reflect the passing of former Jehovah’s Witness, Michael Joseph Jackson.

The following is just a short list of famous persons in politics, music and movies that are or were Jehovah’s Witnesses. There are many more that we add over time, and eventually we’ll make a master index, but this will be our starting point.

Please feel free to let us know if you know of any others. You may use the comment area at the bottom of this article, or the contact form found elsewhere on this site. We’d love to hear from you.

Here are our first five celebrity Jehovah’s Witnesses:

  • Michael Jackson (performance artist)
  • Mickey Spillane (pulp fiction writer)
  • Prince (performance artist)
  • Jill Scott (actress and singer)
  • George Benson (jazz musician)

  1. Michael Jackson (1958 – ), Michael Jackson Cannes.jpg: Georges Biard derivative work: Pyrrhus16 (Michael Jackson Cannes.jpg) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commonsan American pop music recording artist and entertainer. A member of the musical Jackson family,  at the age of 11 he first performed as a member of The Jackson 5. He began a solo career in 1971. Referred to as the “King of Pop” in subsequent years, five of his solo studio albums have become some of the world’s best-selling records: Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and HIStory (1995).  After several years of severe criticism on the part of other JWs, he was disfellowshipped sometime around 1990. There was a report that he had converted to Islam in 2008, but subsequent information indicated that he had only “studied the religion, but did not convert.” Jackson, aged 50, suffered cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009 and died at UCLA Medical Center. His three children are being raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses by his mother and sister.  [Status: Deceased]
  2. Mickey Spillane (March 9, 1918 – July 17, 2006), famous American author of crime novels, most featuring Mike Hammer, a tough big city private detective. Nearly 250 million copies of his books have been sold worldwide and Spillane was responsible for seven of the top fifteen bestselling fiction books in America. Spillane appeared as Mike Hammer in a movie version of “I, the Jury” – one of the few times in film history when an author portrayed his own character. During the 1980s, he appeared in several Miller Lite beer commercials. Spillane became a Jehovah’s Witness in 1951 and managed to survive the often bitter criticism he received from many fellow Witnesses that his novels were “too trashy and pornographic.” He remained a JW and continued with his writing career until his death. [Status: Deceased]
  3. Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson; 1958 – ) American singer and performance artist. Winner of seven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and named the top male pop artist of the past 25 years in 2004. His 1984 album, Purple Rain sold more than 13 million copies in the US and was #1 on the Billboard 200 for almost six months. His Academy Award-winning film grossed more than $80 million in the US alone, and proved to be Prince’s biggest cinematic success. In 1997, Prince approached funk bassist Larry Graham about his Jehovah’s Witness faith and apparently became very interested. He was baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness in 2001. His album, The Rainbow Children, reportedly is based heavily upon Jehovah’s Witness religious themes. [Status: Apparently Active]
  4. Jill Scott (1972 – ), American actress most famed for being a jazz and rhythm and blues vocalist. She has collaborated with Eric Benet, Will Smith, and Common, and broadened her on-stage performing experience by touring Canada in a production of the Broadway musical Rent. Most recently seen playing the lead in HBO’s series, “Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency,” a story of a single woman trying to run her own business in Botswana. Known for her broad smile and love of life. Won a 2005 Grammy for Best Urban/Alternative R&B Performance for “Cross My Mind.” Raised by her grandmother from the age of 12 as a Jehovah’s Witness, she was never baptized. She reportedly does not identify with any particular religious organization. [Status: Unaffiliated]
  5. George Benson, (1943 – ), American musician, jazz guitarist, and singer. Won Grammy awards for his 1978 song “This Masquerade” and for his live remake of “On Broadway.” He has collaborated with Chet Atkins, Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, Al Jarreau, the Beatles and many other prominent musicians. He often appears as a guest artist on other performers’ albums. He has been described as semi-retired and living in Arizona. He apparently is still a Jehovah’s Witness in good standing. [Status: Active]

71 thoughts on “Celebrities who are (or were) JWs – Part 1

  1. Michael Jackson sister Rennie (Maureen and her husband are active Jehovah witnesses. another one i know of is i can’t remember her actor name but i think the show was called GET Christies Love, not sure if that was the name or not, it was a detective show way back in 70’s or 80’s not to sure.

  2. Michael Jackson disassociated himself in the 1980’s. about 18 months after the release of the Thriller album. His affiliation with JW was the reason why MTV didn’t play the video for years. Once he disassociated himself.. he gave them permission to play the video.. hence the release of the short film “moon walker”.
    His mother and a couple older sisters remain active JW’s.

    George Benson is a long time congregation elder.
    Get ya facts straight.

  3. Ethan,

    Thank you for the information about the status of Mr. Benson. I will assume that what you have shared is correct until I hear differently.

    Mr. Jackson never removed the video of “Thriller” for any length of time and MTV never stopped showing it completely. He did get a lot of flak from the Witnesses about the video and its theme and was pressured to remove it, but he never did. He added a disclaimer to the video that stated that he did not believe in the themes of the video due to his own religious beliefs.

    MTV did reduce the number of showings of the video over time, but that was more as a reaction to a drop in popularity of Jackson and the video, rather than any action on his part. He continued to make videos that had futuristic and criminal elements to them throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s. He even made a long (but rarely seen) video about ghosts and a haunted house.

    In regard to “getting my facts straight:” Facts, not half-truths or outright lies, about the late Mr. Jackson and his family, are very hard to come by. Most of the material on this site has been drawn from published interviews, or articles written with his knowledge and participation.

    However, even members of the Jackson family have told different versions, with one sibling or cousin saying one thing about Michael – while others will deny it or tell different versions. Michael himself clearly misrepresented the facts about his plastic surgeries and his spousal relationships.

    My own feelings about Michael Jackson are, that like most of us, he was neither all bad nor all good. He had his problems and was often completely out of control in his relationships and his financial dealings. On the other hand, I feel that his heart was full of love for everyone, no matter what race or religion they might be. His well known love for children may have been a bit over the top, especially when involving non-related children, but I really doubt if he ever intended to hurt anyone.

    Above all, I think that his association with the Jehovah’s Witness religion probably did more harm to him than good. I do hope that his children are allowed to make their own choices when they are old enough – and are not trapped in that cult and damaged as he was.

  4. You it was fine when you are discussing peoples status in the JW’s but too call it a cult is not a cult If people where not exposed to man telling them what the bible teaches and instead exposed them selfs to there own bible reading they would agree with everything Jw’s say and believing. JW’s are the most peacful people yet we are not perfect and will make mistakes just like every one else but for you to call it a cult,Sorry you are wrong on that. One other thought put your Bible next to ours and you will see it is the thing just in Different words but same meanings. That is just another false Idea of JW’s that we have our own bible we don’t its just another translation.

  5. Some of these remarks ,especially the ones referring to witnesses as a cult are from the unexperienced or apostates just as the bible warned would exist in the last days .It truly dont take a genius to realize they have the truth because when they come to my door or my neighbors they only speak from the bible thats whats really impressive to me . It appears that many remarks made by critics might very well be ones that dont want to live by bible principals and even quite possibly been expelled from the organization as satan was from heaven for his independent attitude against god . If im correct god originally created him as an Angel . I hope this info helps , and honestly im lookin foward to talking to Jehovahs witnesses the next opportunity I get

  6. witnesses doesn’t trap their children to be one mr. editor. It is just the right of every parent or parents to teach for their children what they know is best for them. but going through baptism as acknowledging oneself to be serving Jehovah is no longer the parents’ decision. whether a child decides to serve or not to serve God, (with his whole knowledge and intentions or even half knowledge and intentions) it is not his parents who would be fully accountable to God. (not unless the child is abnormal). one doesn’t become a witness just because his parents are. you’ve got to decide for your own. And maybe even you would like to endoctrinate your kids if you have one with your beliefs as well. and i respect you for that. but rest assured you don’t have the control of their own minds and decision. (just dont hypnotize them :>)
    the real fact is that whatever and whichever you believe, we will be all accountable for it.

  7. i appreciate your comments kevin and john. thanks for being straightforward and having a good sense of analyzing things. just as good as it is said that one could recognize a tree from its fruits.

  8. I’m sorry John, Kevin and jozz but every organized religion on earth (including Jehovah’s Witnesses) is a cult. Why? Every single one has a “papal” figure between the adherents and Jehovah God and must follow their lead in order to remain in good standing. Remember truth can withstand any test so do yourselves a favor and test your faith. Example: Through your own research disprove secular scholars claim that Jerusalem was destroyed in 586/587 instead of 607.

  9. Have u ever checked a dictionary and find the word ‘cult’ there? If n0t i suggest u do it..because acc0rding to thesaurus dicti0nary the word cult applies to th0se who are practicing their religi0us beliefs strangely..like drinking animal blood after a prayer..or killing a pers0n as a sacrifice..that’s what cults do..have u seen a Jehovah’s witness do anything like that? N0..so they are n0t cult..check ur words first before c0mmenting such harsh w0rds..thank y0u..

  10. @dilaine – While there are some cults that do as you describe, there are far more like the Jehovah’s Witnesses that take a less obvious approach. A cult does not have to promote demonic and pagan practices such as human sacrifice or the worship of trees. Most modern cults try to wrap themselves in a cloak of pseudo-Christianity, but then try to separate their members from their families, society as a whole, and the activities of a normal life. They promote themselves as being the only “truth,” the only earthly connection to God. All others are wicked and worthless. They divide families and require full-time devotion of their members. Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple and David Koresh’s Branch Davidians took this approach to the extreme, but you can see the same processes in the LDS polygamous sects, Scientology, and the Moonies. Mormons, Christian Scientists, and Adventist sects are also cults, but they have softened their edges and found ways to work within the mainstream – and they also allow their members the freedom to come and go as their conscience directs them. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not allow that kind of personal freedom – even though they publicly state that they do. The restrictive hold they have on their members, the stiff rules and lack of any personal relationship with Jesus or God without the “organization” inserting itself, are clear signs that they maintain their cultish ways. To deny those facts is just being dishonest and/or ignorant of the facts.

  11. mr. Editor..i dont find anymore definition for the word ‘cult’ in accord to how u describe the Jw’s..now about the families, they never ask anyone to leave their families..they have the freedom to how they would teach or talk to their non-believer families..have u ever read their book about family happines? They have never teach to leave their families if their husband or wife is a non believer..they just give some advices on how they could and should treat their spouses because sumtimes opposing spouses do hurt their beliver spouses when they didnt left Jw’s organization..that book advices them to stil respect their husband being the head of the family or even respect the opinions of the wife..the book never advice to leave their families if they dont accept being Jw..but they could leave only if the believers life could be in danger..and u can see that even in the law of man..so that’s their point, not to separate any family..if they dont like the beliefs of Jw, no one is pushing them..we have our own free wil to accept or reject any beliefs, but if we are to accept we should be ready for the responsibilities as a believer..its not like just believing then finish..we stlil have the great responsibility to live up to what u believe..but because we are not perfect ,we sumtimes do some mistakes..but be sure that if we do those mistakes we should be ready to pay the consequences and accept any part of discipline..

  12. oh and 1 more thing mr. Editor..about what u said that Jw’s are cult because they ‘separate’ from families and people, does the catholic also included to that word? Because as far as i know before u can become a priest and a nun u should be inside a convent for so many years, separated from your family and friends..and once u become an official priest or nun u cannot be married..isnt that one of the signs of separation from people or families u have been talking about? And does that mean that jesus christ was also performing cultism because he devoted his whole life preaching which means he was separated from his family..mr. Editor, do u believe in God and in His son’s teachings? Because if u do u wont question anyone who is trying to follow Jesus’ examples..although sumtimes they made mistakes, it is because they are human..even though they cannot follow Jesus’ examples exactly as he did, due to not being perfect, at least they are trying their best to follow..it’s same to the laws of man, even though we tried our best to follow the law to be a good citizen,sumtimes without noticing we failed to, because we are just human..

  13. @editor: First, to say that JW’s separate families and the “activities of normal life” tells me you either have no direct knowledge of the JW’s or are one of the many people who don’t want to feel guilty about any behavior you engage in. Well, I can’t think of ONE single “normal activity” of life that JW’s prohibit. Marriage, work, children, etc, all normal activities that one can consider part of every day life, all acceptable to JW’s. Are things like fornication, drug and alcohol abuse, violent or criminal behavior, pagan worship, etc really things that any religion claiming to love and worship God should allow without care? A JW is free to do as he or she pleases, but yes, to remain in good standing in the organization, one should live a clean life. Be good, follow the BIBLE teachings, not some “papal figure”. You stated that JW’s, like cults, make it seem as though no personal relationship with God is possible without the organization, but that is absolutely a false claim as JW’s not only encourage, but try to help people use their bibles to develop just such a relationship, and in the bible God tells us that association with fellow followers of God is key to remaining faithful and uplifted, so why then would it be a bad thing to encourage all those seeking such a relationship with God to spend time with others who share their faith? I really have never understood how so many false claims can be made by so many people when all one needs to do is look at their website or talk to actual members and you’d see that there is nothing sinister or cultish about them. JW’s are normal people of a different faith, since when does faith in God and a desire to associate with others who share your faith mean you belong to a cult? And as for those “papal figures”, if you did any research at all, you’d realize that within the JW organization it is not only welcome, but encouraged, that all members use their bible to verify any and all information or “doctrines” that are presented and not just take it all in blindly. Educating with the BIBLE is the main goal, not a single person’s own view.
    But I know this is a waste of my breath because it’s obvious that, like many people in this world, you may be of the mindset that no one, God included, should influence one’s “free will” to do and say what he or she pleases. And we wonder why the world is in the state that it’s in….

  14. A poster here has lied. JWs discourage anyone in Brooklyn headquarters from having kids. UPDATE: This was the case up to 10 years ago, not sure if that secret policy has changed.

    Also, it’s discouraged for you to QUESTION the headquarters, or you face being disfellowshiped.

    Also, many couples are SEPARATED and the men are punished by not being allowed to be ELDERS.

    It’s a cult, and someone is making tens of BILLIONS of dollars off the poor nice people who are the lost sheep following blindly.

  15. whew..liz was right..its such a waste of breath explaining to people who are not open minded..how come they are open minded when they talk about sex before marriage or even abortion..and m. Bujou why dont u check first the reasons why there are families being separated during that time? And let me ask u..have u ever been inside the organization for u to accuse those things? Because i’ve known so many Jw couple that has been inside the organization for more than 10 years and until now they are stil together..and im so glad to see older couple who stay as sweet as they are..ive never heard anything like what u said..Jw’s are normal people with normal lives..have u known the reasons why brooklyn discourage them to have children? Why dont u listen to their side of the story before u judge them..and take note its DISCOURAGE and not FORBIDDEN..its stil up to them if they want it or not..same as using contraceptives by non-Jw..they have their own freewill..and about the BILLIONS of money that u are talking about its from their donations, from their own pocket and from generous people from where they preach..its for printing their bibles and other publications and allowances for those they send for missionary work, also for helping their brothers and sisters affected by a calamity, repairing kingdomhalls destroyed by those who oppose them and also for maintenance purposes, because kingdomhalls are not gold,they are like our houses which is needed to be maintained..and why dont u calculate how many millions of Jw are there and estimate how much per person would donate every month..dont u think it wil not come to that number? And check how many kingdomhalls are built, maintained and repaired..and see how much they cost.. They dont steal any money from anyone..because if they do why would they stay in that organization? They could just take the money and make business, or even travel the whole world just for fun..think about it..why would they waste their time and their life making and printing those publications if they could run away with that big amount of money? They devoted their whole life and time for something they believed in..and im really impressed with them..the ones who are going door to door are volunteers and not paid workers..even the ones inside their bethel are all volunteers..they are the best, sweetest, disciplined and very understanding people ive ever known in my life…

  16. @Liz – Liz, I believe what the Editor was referring to was your religion’s mandate to cut all ties with anyone, including close family like a parent, sibling, or child, who decides to no longer be a member of the Watchtower society. In that sense, there would be a dividing of the family, correct?

    Let me ask you a question Liz…a purely hypothetical exercise: Can you imagine living your life apart from the Jehovah’s Witnesses? Please assume that you would continue to lead a christian lifestyle, but what sorts of activities would your life center around?

  17. Talk about getting facts wrong the JW’s are not a cult, and Micheal Jackson was a witness who chose to leave the witnesses, which is the choice of any witness, funny how he told his mother that if anything ever happened to him he wanted his children raised as witnesses, they are free to leave whenever they choose hence the reason they don’t infant baptize leaveing the choice for them to make when they are older.

  18. Michelle, do you know of any Witnesses who were baptized at 10 years old? Would you allow a 10 year old to drive a car, hold down a job or drink alcohol at their discretion? On the flip side, if someone is “raised in the Truth” and has not been baptized by the time they are 18, do other Witnesses look down upon them? What if someone who was baptized at 14 decides not to be a Witness anymore at 18? Do their friends & family who are still Witnesses treat them the same?

  19. The job of an editor is to have all the facts and have unbiased integrity. You should not call yourself an editor because you dont have all the facts and are not unbiased.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses are critizied because we are as Jesus said “No part of the world” Thats why they killed Jesus thats why the mainstream world dislikes Jehovah’s Witnesses. But again its not the world we are trying to please it is our Creator Jehovah God. And if people want to call us an cult for trying to please our lifegiver and Father thats unfortunate.

  20. Not all cults are necessarily bad. Personally, I like the BITE model used to determine if a group is to be considered “high control” (aka Dangerous Cult) or uses mind control:

    B – Behavior Control: Are you kept so busy with group activities that you have no time to do things you once enjoyed? Is the group considered more important than the individual? Are there rigid rules, with no questioning allowed?

    I – Information Control: Does the group insist that they are the only necessary means of obtaining information? Are you free to research on your own or talk to former members? Are there separate doctrines for outsiders and outsiders? Are sources cited from outside the group misquoted or taken out of context?

    T – Thought Control: Is everything either Good or Evil? Black or White? Us versus Them? Is the group’s information presented as the absolute Truth, with no critical questioning allowed? Do they use “loaded language”, buzzwords or clichés that outsiders may not understand? Are the same ideas repeated over & over & over with little or no variation (trance-inducement)

    E – Emotional Control: If there are ever any problems it is always their fault, never the leader’s or the group’s. Excessive use of guilt and fear:
    a. Fear of thinking independently
    b. Fear of the “outside” world
    c. Fear of enemies
    d. Fear of losing one’s “salvation”
    e. Fear of leaving the group or being shunned by group
    f. Fear of disapproval

    Phobia indoctrination : programming of irrational fears of ever leaving the group or even questioning the leader’s authority. The person under mind control cannot visualize a positive, fulfilled future without being in the group.

    a. No happiness or fulfillment “outside”of the group
    b. Terrible consequences will take place if you leave: “hell”; “demon possession”; “incurable diseases”; “accidents”; “suicide”; “insanity”; “10,000 reincarnations”; etc.
    c. Shunning of leave takers. Fear of being rejected by friends, peers, and family.
    d. Never a legitimate reason to leave. From the group’s perspective, people who leave are: “weak;” “undisciplined;” “unspiritual;” “worldly;” “brainwashed by family, counselors;” seduced by money, sex, rock and roll.

  21. E – Emotional Control: If there are ever any problems it is always their fault, never the leader’s or the group’s. Excessive use of guilt and fear:
    a. Fear of thinking independently
    b. Fear of the “outside” world
    c. Fear of enemies
    d. Fear of losing one’s “salvation”
    e. Fear of leaving the group or being shunned by group
    f. Fear of disapproval

  22. Phobia indoctrination: programming of irrational fears of ever leaving the group or even questioning the leader’s authority. The person under mind control cannot visualize a positive, fulfilled future without being in the group.

    a. No happiness or fulfillment “outside”of the group
    b. Terrible consequences will take place if you leave: “hell”; “demon possession”; “incurable diseases”; “accidents”; “suicide”; “insanity”; “10,000 reincarnations”; etc.
    c. Shunning of leave takers. Fear of being rejected by friends, peers, and family.
    d. Never a legitimate reason to leave. From the group’s perspective, people who leave are: “weak;” “undisciplined;” “unspiritual;” “worldly;” “brainwashed by family, counselors;” seduced by money, sex, rock and roll.

  23. mr. Ed., what about the baptism of the babies in catholic? Because as far as i know, catholic baptized babies like after 1 month of being born..so does that mean they would allow babies to drive a car too? And if anyone who was baptized when they are 14 and doesnt want to be witness anymore by the time they are 18 its up to them, BUT there will be consequences ofcourse..but it doesnt mean your parents wont love u anymore..sometimes parents act exaggerately, but its their way of encouraging u to come back to the loving organization..they mostly use psychology on their own terms..but never disown their own child..its like their own part of discipline..

  24. @dilaine – Although I’m not advocating infant baptism, from personal experience (and I can get pictures of my Catholic baptism from my parents) the Catholic church does not instruct it’s followers to shun anyone who chooses to leave. I have several friends on Facebook from (Catholic) grammar school who can attest to this.

    “Never disown their child”??? I know of a girl who was 17 when she stopped being a JW. Her parents definitely disowned her & to this day have not spoken to her. Her father was & is still an “Elder”. How is this a “loving organization” when such behavior is not only tolerated, but encouraged?

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for replying though. Not many active JWs are willing to ignore the “Governing Body” and visit websites that allow content that openly opposes their organization.

  25. mr. Ed as i said before it really depends on the parents how would they discipline their children..not the organization…and as how u talk about the witnesses clearly tells me that u are unaware about their disciplinary actions..u cannot shun anybody without any reasonable reasons…maybe the girl u said earlier commit some heavy mistake and dont humbly admit her mistakes that’s why they shun her……and about her parents like ignoring her, its the parents decision on how they punish their children…..maybe her parents choose the silent treatment (not the organization) that’s why they have been ignoring her…..no parents wanted to treat their children like that but its one way parents do so that their children would realize how serious their mistakes are…if you know how psychology works maybe you would get what i say….and the organization cannot shun anybody immediately without talking to that person…because i know one girl who is baptized by the age of 13…..then when she was 14 years old she started to take a boyfriend that is not a witness..when she was like16 years old she looses her virginity to her boyfriend..then her mom went to the elders so seek help….the elders talk to her..she told the truth and tell them humbly that she was so sorry and asking for forgiveness….so the elders decided to put her in public reprove instead of shunning…….a person can only be shunned if he/she don’t admit/denies the mistakes they have committed thus proven true…but if u admit it humbly they would still give u the rightful discipline…so this girl im talking about, after being on the PR discipline, she became inactive and she still thinks that there’s nothing wrong being close to the worldly people…..so she went to college and take as many friends she could…….they have influenced her because of being close to them…she even drinks and smoke to death…..she even tried drugs..in short, she became rebellious…then after some time she realized that she was just wasting her life like this….she just see people who is happy pleasuring nobody but themselves……so it takes time, she slowly come back to the organization, then she met a brother and they get married…..so far i could say that she turned out good….and according to her she was now feeling great, happy and contented so much than before….so as u can see not everyone that is shunned or disciplined turned out bad……everything depends on the point view of a person…..like the both of us…..we have different point of views…..but rules are rules, its like if u commit mistakes and you humbly and respectfully comply u are still in, although there’s a disciplinary action that must be done…and if u deny your mistakes and you are too proud and rebellious that time you are out….just try to understand about the law and psychology maybe you’ll understand why they do that shunning or disciplining…..do you remember when you were a child and u commit something bad? then your parents would be so angry and give u a punishment like being grounded, silent treatment, or u cannot buy a new toy? in psychology there’s this punishment/reward topic……if a child do something good you reward them and if he/she do something bad u punish them…..so the witnesses just do the same……and about the law/rules, they are everywhere…..u can see a post “anyone who put trash here will fine $500.” so as you can see from the statement that if u break this rule/law u will be punished, u have to give $500…so its all the same thing…..it only depends on how people view it….everything has rules so if u are disciplined because u act against this law u have to accept the punishment…so i hope you get it….im not against JWs and im not Pro either….i just know the rules….

  26. @dilaine1127 – I understand the value of “punishment / reward”. What I don’t agree with is when the punishment does not fit the “crime”. Using your example about the child who does something bad: A parent may ground them, take away a toy, give them a time out. It would be unbalanced to lock a child in their room for a month with no human contact, just sliding food under their door. Anyone would agree something so severe would constitute abuse. Going back to my friend: she has 3 children now and none of them have ever met their grandparents. What did the children do to deserve this? I realize that not every Witness parent is as extreme as my example, but you did say, “…but never disown their own child”. My whole point is that oftentimes extreme measures are taken, with the blessing of your Governing Body.

    Let me use another example to make my point about shunning: Someone is raised as a Witness, maybe getting baptized, maybe not. They eventually move out on their own. One day they realize that they no longer want to be a Witness. They haven’t committed fornication, they haven’t done drugs, they don’t care to “sin”…they just want to stop going door-to-door, stop going to meetings, maybe go to college or marry a non-Witness. In this case, where no wrong-doing is involved, the person I describe would still be dropped by their Witness friends and shunned by their family. Anyone who doubts this is the case merely has to look at one of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ publications, the Watchtower of April 15, 1988 page 26, paragraphs 4&5:

    “4 Most true Christians loyally support God and his righteous laws. (1 Thessalonians 1:2-7; Hebrews 6:10) Occasionally, though, a person deviates from the path of truth. For example, despite help from Christian elders, he may unrepentantly violate God’s laws. Or he may reject the faith by teaching false doctrine or by disassociating himself from the congregation. Then what should be done? Such things occurred even while the apostles were alive; hence, let us see what they wrote about this.
    5 When a man in Corinth was unrepentantly immoral, Paul told the congregation: “Quit mixing in company with anyone called a brother that is a fornicator or a greedy person or an idolater or a reviler or a drunkard or an extortioner, not even eating with such a man.” (1 Corinthians 5:11-13) The same was to occur with apostates, such as Hymenaeus: “As for a man that promotes a sect, reject him after a first and a second admonition; knowing that such a man has been turned out of the way and is sinning.” (Titus 3:10, 11; 1 Timothy 1:19, 20) Such shunning would be appropriate, too, for anyone who rejects the congregation.”

  27. Just in case anyone questions whether that quote from 1988 is still valid, here is a quote from the book “God’s Love”, published by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society in 2008:

    (chapter 3, page 35, paragraph 19) 19 At times, we are called upon to withdraw our fellowship from one who has been a member of the congregation. This situation arises when an individual who unrepentantly violates God’s law is disfellowshipped or when one rejects the faith by teaching false doctrine or by disassociating himself from the congregation. God’s Word plainly tells us to “quit mixing in company” with such ones. (1 Corinthians 5:11-13; 2 John 9-11) It may be a real challenge to avoid someone who had perhaps been a friend or who is related to us. Will we take a firm stand, thereby showing that we put loyalty to Jehovah and his righteous laws above all else? Remember that Jehovah places a high value on loyalty and obedience.

  28. mr. Ed how can u say what fits or doesnt fit with their punishments? As i told u it still depends on the point of view of every person on how they would apply it…u know what, its been a great pleasure for me to exchange point of views with u..as i told u im not pro jw or even against them..i just think that its so unfair for everyone to throw such accusations to each other..not only to jw’s but even to catholics, muslims, etc..why cant we just respect everyone’s beliefs and just get on with our lifes..i daresay that there is no perfect religion..every religion has a hole..so we cant just accuse anyone of being a false religion..or tell that this particular group is a cult..what would we feel if they say that our mom is a whore? Ofcourse we will be hurt then we will also throw something bad at the accuser like we could say that their mom is an asshole..we can see that these small words can start a war..then they check each other’s background then they throw again bad words to each other..so this would take forever..the point is, everyone looses because everyone is hurt..the world will be full of anger and hatred..so i just want to encourage also everyone to stop throwing stones at each other..just be on the positive side..because everyone and everything in this world have both sides..so dont u think its best if we stay on the positive side and just look on the good things other religions do for everyone even for their followers? Living today is like living hell..everything is hard, its so hard to have a job, own a house, a car, and the only thing that makes u go on is because u believe in something like your religion beliefs..so wasnt that a crime to take that all away to such a person? So i think its best if we exchange positive point of views, dont u think?

  29. To Ed and dilaine:

    Sorry for your problems trying to post earlier today (9/23/2010), but you just happened to hit the domain during a system update. I’ve gone back and deleted those posts that were obviously duplicates or incomplete.

    BTW – love your spirited debate…

  30. @dilaine – I agree that there is too much negativity in the world today. For the record, I am very much for freedom of religion & people’s right to choose what works best for them. I agree with you when you said, “..i daresay that there is no perfect religion..every religion has a hole..so we cant just accuse anyone of being a false religion..” That’s why I try focus on effect & not belief. As long as a group or religion is not hurting anyone or infringing on basic human rights, I feel there is a place for them.

  31. @Eathan
    Would certainly like to know where the info that George Benson is an elder in the congregation came from. As someone who has spoken directly to him he is not serving in any servant position and is probably pretty evident after playing in the Playboy Jazz festival this last summer.

  32. Shocking,
    The comment that Mr. Benson was an elder came from a reader, and not us. As far as I’ve been able to determine, Mr. Benson continues to perform as he has for many years in various venues, and being a jazz musician he would certainly be invited to a prominent and highly regarded festival like the Playboy Jazz. There have been many rumors about Mr. Benson’s involvement with the music arrangements at large conventions and the writing of several pieces in the most recent Kingdom Songbook. Only Mr. Benson, if he so chooses, can verify those rumors. As to his being an elder, that has been mentioned on other sites at times, but there is no way to really verify that except through Mr. Benson or his representatives. I doubt that his participation in the Playboy Jazz Festival would have any bearing at all on his standing at his local Kingdom Hall.

  33. This is such an interesting and lively debate. I think I jump in on this. For those who may speculate as to whether I know anything and about JW’s, here’s a little background information. I was baptized in 1991 at the “Lovers of Freedom” District convention in Columbia, SC on July 18, 1991. I attended the Myrtle Beach, SC Congregation of JW (formerly located on 36th Ave N in Myrtle Beach, SC), now on US Highway 501. I also attended the Surfside Beach/Murrells Inlet Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses while studying the Bible (the second time, the first being in Myrtle Beach in 1988). I knew Mickey Spillane personally and his wife, Jane Spillane. After relocating to Conway, SC, I attended the Collins Park Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses for my remaining years. I began to question the “New Light” from Brooklyn and couldn’t help but to notice that in the Bible, not once did YHWH change his teachings, nor did Jesus, nor any of the Apostles. Not. Once. Yet over the past century the Watchtower Society has done so multiple times and flip-flopped on the same topic repeatedly. Research into any publication on most any given topic will bear this fact out. Why would God give false information? That is IF God is indeed directing the Governing Body in the first place. Where is the evidence? The Governing Body simply says they were appointed. Where in the Bible does it say that there would be a man-made earthly based organization that would be directed by God? The WTS says there was a Governing Body in the 1st Century that directed the work. However, there is only one mention in the New Testament of the Apostles, Elders and older men getting together in a committee setting to discuss an issue, namely the one of whether Gentiles should be circumcised. At no other time is any sort of committee spoken of, written to for advice (think of 1st and 2nd Corinthians and why they were written). Paul wrote most of the NT and with the one exception is a “Governing Body” ever mentioned as having formed, nor does it say it continued to function. Consider also Revelation where Jesus commends/condemns the various congregations for their deeds. Why wasn’t the Governing Body (if it existed at all) mentioned and held accountable for the deeds of the congregations since the present day GB says “they are to give them their food at the proper time”? The answer is simple. There was no Governing Body. No need for one. The Holy Spirit is more than capable of leading a person in the direction in which they ought to go. Jesus told his faithful 11 Apostles that he would send a helper to them. Was it a Governing Body? No, it was the Holy Spirit.
    Another thing to consider. If the WTS is so perfect, then why is YHWH’s Kingdom established in the heavens and rules from the heavens and not on Earth? Jesus said to store up your treasures in heaven, where neither thieves, break in nor moths or rust consumes. Obviously there are good reasons not to have an earthly based kingdom, as humans are imperfect and subject to temptations of the flesh.
    To address the comments regarding disfellowshipping/disassociation. I myself, in the spring of 1999 chose to be DFed from the Collins Park Congregation of JW’s for refusing to evict an unmarried couple from my home, (whom I had let stay with me temporarily rather than to be homeless). I pleaded with the Elders but to no avail. I wasn’t DFed because of any wrongdoing on my part, but rather the temptation or possibility of future wrongdoing. So I chose to be DFed from such a heartless organization of which I was now convinced wasn’t being led by God at all, but rather by imperfect men who proclaimed themselves as such but offered no real proof, made false prophecies, changed doctrine at their whim no matter the cost to their members and who would “strain out the gnat, but gulp down the camel” when it came to other’s mistakes and covering up their own.
    A simply Google search on different JW topics will bear out that Ex-JW’s aren’t making this stuff up. The stories are all too familiar. Names, places and dates can be given to back up their claims of mistreatment at the hands of the WT Society. I charge that it is YOU dear ones who are misinformed about the goings-on of the WT Society or YOU simply choose to remain ignorant. We all know what happens when you question WT doctrine. I have a friend, (one of the anointed, like myself) who once wrote a letter to the Governing Body about the interpretation of a text. Shortly thereafter he received a reprimand from the District Overseer for doing such a thing, even though my friend had been an Elder in good standing for over 15 years.
    The WT Society encourages non-JW’s to question their own religion, but when it comes to questioning WT doctrine a person will face disciplinary action or expulsion. Oddly enough, the WT Society in “Revelation—It’s Grand Climax At Hand” under the subheading “Interpreting The Scriptures” states plainly that the WT Society isn’t inspired at all and that it’s basically their best guess. So then why are they to be obeyed without question if they’re not inspired? Even in the 1st Century it was okay to question the Apostles. They never sought praise for themselves or declared they had absolute knowledge. Paul in fact went so far as to say “I have partial knowledge and therefore I prophesy partially, but when He comes that is complete, I will have complete knowledge.” How many songs in the new song book given praise and honor to the Governing Body in place of exclusive honor to YHWH or Jesus? When answering questions during the WT study, are you allowed to use a different scripture other than the one provided, or are you in fact discouraged from giving an answer that isn’t straight from the Watchtower magazine?
    When people are disassociated or disfellowshipped they are treated as dead persons. I didn’t do anything wrong, but because of the procedural arrangement of the Judicial Committee and how it blatantly violates the scriptural precedent of taking the matter before the congregation (not the elders as the WT says) and allowing them to decide on the matter, all of my former JW friends (save for a few) have shunned me since 1991. There are horror stories after horror stories of the so-called Faithful and Discreet Slave abusing their stewardship and thinking that the Master is delaying (failed prophecy of 1914), have now turned and started to beat their brothers. Now all that is to happen is for Jesus to return and to beat them with the greatest of severity and throw them out with the dogs, which is where the weeping and the gnashing of their teeth will be.

  34. @kevin – i am so happy to read your comment kevin, it is so upbuilding to know there are people like yourself who are not jw but defend them & there beliefs. i do hope you search out jehovah’s people & start a bible study as we are living in what the bible states @ 2Tim 1-5 the last days,time is running out for those who are seperated from GOD & who do not have or take in an accurate knowledge of jehovah, i look forward to welcoming you into the world wide family.agape

  35. Mr. Editor,

    I understand that every person has his/her own point of views. About the last paragraph of your very first comment, I think that it’s not right to state that his(MJ) religion did harm to him. I believe that MJ knew that he did choose the wrong way. He has chosen to give more love to people than Jehovah God, and I also believe that MJ really didn’t want to make this choice personally.

  36. Editor: I think secretely you are begging for a bible study with a Jehovah’s Witness.
    Go on, you know you want toooo 🙂
    PS: As an editor you are not allowed to be Bias, but it seems that you are ……not very proffesional.

  37. I agree with u mr. Editor..those(like me) can speak from experience..jw’s do separate families..they also cover up horrible offenses in order to save their reputation…my father molested me for the 1st 14 years of my life..when I finally spoke up, I was told to forgive him. That he had bn forgiven and I should forgive him to..I raised my children with no family help at all, parents, 3 brothers, nieces and nephews I will never meet, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Yes… they are a cult..they control ur life and ur behavior with the threat of losing the love of ur family. I did not let that concern me when I left that organization..I was babtized at 13 to please my mother and somehow try to erase all the years of guilt and humiliation..thinking it wl be a new start. This was not the case. I’m 44 and have only 1 uncle and his family that hv anything to do with me..how is this religion not a cult? No..it definitely is!

  38. What a tragedy happened here Have you ever told the Headquarters about any of this as well? and even the local travling brothewrs should be told about this tpo gwt to the bottome of it. Forgive your dad huh? Thios is not what I was told when I recounted my onw experainces and I was comforted and told to stay away form him and his antics if at all possible. Do you know you cna report him to the authorities as this is a crime as wll and the Congration can not get invloved in a civle action towards your father. if he broke the law and “child abuse’ is a crime.

  39. If you do your examination of the bible and you study bible chronology, you may find what others have found and even some historians are questioning others over, that being the year 607 makes more sense.

  40. You’re closed-minded attitude is so typical of many brainwashed JWs that visit this website. Instead of just name-calling and ignoring the stories that are presented here, why don’t you take a few minutes and actually read the personal stories and opinions of those of us who have been damaged by the teachings and policies of the Watchtower Society. We’re trying to help educate you. But if all you want to do is discount everything here and resort to name-calling, then you deserve the life that you’ve chosen for yourself. We’re trying to give you a chance for freedom. We hope you’ll at least give it a chance – but if you are already so brainwashed that you can’t see that we love you enough to share this information – then we feel very sorry for you.

  41. Not sure from your comment whether you are supporting the 607 BCE date the JWs use, or not. But not one single credible historian or Bible scholar accepts any other date than 586-7 BCE as the correct year. How did the Watchtower come up with 606-7 BCE? Not from historical evidence, but by simply adding 70 years on to the 536-7 BCE date that has been confirmed as the beginning of the return of the Hebrews to Jerusalem. I’d like to know the names and books of current historians are actually suggesting that 607 BCE is the correct date. Please share that information with us.


  43. Kaye,
    Who’s talking nonsense? The Watchtower has been telling its readers and followers that the world is coming to an end since before 1880. They haven’t changed their warning, but they keep changing the date. They’ll continue to change the date well after you and I are long gone.

    This website and others like it are providing hard, undeniable evidence that the Watchtower, its corporate management, and the Governing Body are all misleading their followers and the readers of the Watchtower. They don’t have a clue about what is going to happen tomorrow or decades from now. They are clueless.

    The Watchtower leadership claims to be experts on Bible theology and history. And yet they are ignorant of most of the basic facts that professional Bible scholars, historians, and theologians have known for the past two centuries.

    The goal of this website, and mine as editor, is simply to educate our readers on those facts and to expose the hypocrisy and ignorance of the corporate leaders that are destroying Jehovah’s Witnesses lives and families.

    So, Kaye, if you disagree with our goals (Ex-JW.com), then may I suggest that you spend more of your time researching the religion that you believe in for your own education. Call us when Armageddon (or the “end of the world”) is beginning and we’ll all declare – with one voice – that you were right and we were wrong.

  44. @ Kaye..First of all, those of us who comment on this site do not intend to argue or leave negative comments. We have used our free will from God and searched the scriptures for the truth. We are trying to help those who are blindsided by a religion ruled by a group of men called the Governing Body. These men claim to receive ‘updated’ or new light from the angels regarding the Word of God. If you truly believe that you have free will then why don’t you go and ask one of your elders if it’s okay to search and compare your NWT with other Bibles? If you are a JW then you have to know that you would be in big trouble for being on this site reading these comments. You are right, this world will end when God decides it’s time, and I don’t think anyone is ignorant of that fact. The other religions haven’t lied and misled and destroyed the lives of many, by predicting the end on many occasions. I’m sure you have to know that JW’s are not the only ones that preach, there are missionaries worldwide that teach the love of the true God and his Son, Jesus Christ. Do you realize just how that comment sounds “people also die everyday. Shouldn’t we want to remain in God’s favor if that happens”? That is judgmental, if you are referring to those of us who are not and don’t want to be a part of your religion. Read Luke 6:37. I love and believe in my Savior Jesus Christ and have no doubt in my mind that since leaving the so called “truth” I have found the real Truth. I also am Positive in this reply…positive that you are wrong. The best to you…

  45. okay to all of you who blemish the name and faith of jehovah’s witnesses, have you ever seen a witness get on here a reply to what you say, no because they know they 100% of the lies you say are not true, every one’s entitled to their own opinion, and the only way you can get disfellowshipped is if your not sorry for the serious sin you’ve committed and why harass these people, they are normal just like you, and to say that they are a cult is dumb, ud have to understand what a cult is to refer a religion to one, and editor, do a little research buddy, knowledge about a curtain subject helps alot, and the belief about hellfire is insane, think about this question, if god was so loving and so just, why would he want to torture and torment people eternally?, if he was just, wouldn’t he have tha love to give people a second chance, that’s why they not only preach to the public, they preach in prisons because they want them to have the same hope of life on a eternal paradise earth just as well as those who havnt committed serious crimes, look if you want to know about them, why not have a study with them, go into the orginization and see how great it is, theres nothing like it on this earth, i took it for granted and got disfellowshipped, and its tha biggest mistake ive ever made, that’s why im working back to get reinstated, because you cant find that type of love and trust and unity anywhere else

  46. and editor, oh editor, they nevr set a date, if you were in that situation, in that time of world war, with all that was going on, all the death all the violence, after preaching so long aboout the end, wouldn’t you think that that was the end, at that time that mistake was easy to take, and no one not anyone can predict the end and they dont predict it, and the bible says that the end will come like a thief in the night, so when it does come you wont ever suspect it so i think it’s best if you deeply considered what kind of stuff your getting yourself into, brainwashed could be taken into consideration of any religion, people would looke at you and say your brainwashed for making such comments against the witnesses, no one is forced to be a witness everything they do is voluntary, god doesnt need people to make his kingdom known, the bible says out of rocks the message of his kingdom would come forth, so they dont brainwash anyone to do anything god wants people to willingly serve him and thats what the people in that orginization do. they preach because that orginization is based strictly on tha bible, whats your based on, targeting and distorting the witnesses, you sicken me, hope your life gets better, peace to this page and prayer because yall need it

  47. trish i read your comment and im sorry for what happened to you, just know that jehovah’s witnesses seek to be nuetral, they r not a cult they dont practice cult things, if you wur a witness, getting baptized is a deep personal decision, u seek to hate the witnesses because they didnt side with you wen they found out what happened, forgive him and move on because hes gonna end up suffering if he doesnt change, now you hav ample oppurtunity to get rid of all the anger that you have toward the witness. the same thing happened to me from infant to teen, can you believe that i forgave him. so i hope the best for you and im deeply sorry

  48. @Joseph…your comments are mind boggling to say the least. I don’t think you could have read the article and all of the posts from other former JW’s ( and yes, of current JW’s). There is proof of much research that has been done showing the JW’s to be a religion teaching false doctrines. There are also many, including me, that have experienced their changing doctrines and hurtful shunning; their hiding behind the organization to protect child abusers and molesters. Those of us who comment only want to help others to think for themselves instead of being told what we can or cannot believe. The comment to the author..”you sicken me”. …says a lot as to your own character as a humbled disfellowshipped person, trying to be reinstated.

  49. The jw are very peacefull and and you need to get your facts right because you havent read any books and we said the world was gonna end was because the those signs were listed in a book that was given information from the bible those signs mentioned was, alot of violence,war and many other things so we believe the world can end ANY day because it was NEVER listed in the bible when it would and we get any information we give out from the bible which was written by god but not literally.But we go door to door so we can let more people live because we believe when the world ends everyone is gonna die and that jesus (gods son) will bring all the good people back to life and create a paradis were everything is great there are NO diseases and such theres no bad things because people in the paradise will be good!:) and you really need to go to a kingdom hall and listen to what they say so youll understand everything P.S i am only 10 i try to stay connected to god as much as possible and i also lean all of this in spanish so too young and dont know you might also think that im too young and dont know what im talking but please we mean no harm we seek peace

  50. @JR – That’s it? That is the best you can do – just label us an “Apostate Site”? I’ve been told numerous times that just like everyone else, Jehovah’s Witnesses have the right to visit any websites or read any books that they choose. Or, “JR”, are you telling me I have been misinformed? If JWs want to find out what famous persons might have been connected in someway to Jehovah’s Witnesses, then shouldn’t they be able to do that research – no matter where they want to go?

  51. a message to the Editor- I was unfortunately raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. I never had a birthday, Christmas, Halloween. I was not allowed to have friends, I had no social skills… I was forced to go door to door preaching every Saturday (while other kids played) And please note- Jehovah’s Witnesses are forbidden to read anything except their own version of the Bible, and ONLY anything published from the faithful and discreet slave. They are the biggest and most brutal cult ever!!! Especially how women are treated and their horrid disfellowshipping.. Want to talk more? It took me ten years to get well from these mother fuc**** 🙂

  52. Oh yeah, one more thing! Lol!! I am considered an apostate, only because I disagree with their maniac church. Most of my family has no contact with me, and I will never see them again. Only, only because I realized everything I knew was b.s. I am a compassionate, very loving, happy person, however, most of my family believes that I am standing with Satan. They are soo bloody nuts!!!

  53. @Editor@Editor
    You are right about one thing….we (Jehovahs Witnesses) don’t have a clue when Armageddon is coming and we won’t know until the day comes. It states clearly in the Bible that only God knows the day and it has never been reveled not even to Jesus. We simply know it is coming and there are signs (Matthew 24 verse 36)
    There are many religions and sects who thought they knew when it was coming and always proven wrong, but we are not one of those and never have been.
    Another bit of info is we are not a ‘Cult’. We are not brainwashed, we have just learnt the truth of the Bible (most religions choose to ignore the Bible and make up their own ideas to suit themselves) and chosen the path that Jesus took. Jesus told us we will endure ridicule and hatred from non believers (Mark 13 verse 13) but despite all that, it is actually a very happy and fulfilling life and certainly a much nicer life to the one I was leading before I became a witness. As with many of us who weren’t brought up in ‘the truth’, we all spent our lives trying to do our best in this miserable world and even getting to a point of suicide because we thought what is the point of being here. Now we have a reason and that knowledge can only be found if your heart is open. Satan’s hold on this world is very powerful (1 John 5 verse 19)
    I know one thing for sure is that I can never trust ‘mans’ word,only Gods.
    Most people have ideas and opinions about our organization without having correct knowledge of what we do or what we are about and how we got here. We don’t judge those people (only God has a right to judge anyone) as we know who is behind all the nastiness. We made a vow to God and Jesus to do their will, no matter how difficult, and this makes us happy knowing what is to come.
    I could go on for days and days (which I know you don’t want!) but I just wanted to get a couple of points across and hope you are not annoyed or offended by it.
    Thanks for listening

  54. I too, was raised a JW.
    It’s NOT a good experience.
    I however, am old enough to remember ALL the talks TELLING US THAT 1975 was the end!
    Funny6 enough by, 1976, that was never mentioned.
    I too, was involved in a case of child abuse that was covered up. After all, what paeophile abuses their victims in front to two witnesses?
    VERY dangerous, and damaging.

  55. All this argument about a cult that is a child molester paradise. Why argue with them? They know whats going on. Have you ever heard a fish salesman holler “rotten fish for sale”? No–They will never admit that they are a cult serving a book publishing company. That’s why they are called publishers. Publishers of NONSENSE.

  56. To anyone on this board. When you need something done call someone who can fix your problem such as auto mechanic,electrican that is when you let someone think for you. But when it comes to spiritual things you let no one think for you. Think for your self. On spiritual things that person you ask dies and goes back to the ground just like you do. He has no more idea about the bible than you do. Especially that governing body. In conclusion think for your self.

  57. Prince,Michael Jackson and the Williams sisters.Just what I would want for neighbors.NOT!Two freaks and two roided up,rude and lewd wome…are they female?

  58. Sally–Everything you said is absolutely true.But everything you said applies to the watchtower.You along with them you are a cult,you along with them do say the world is coming to an end along with Armageddon. You are brainwashed. You do look the other way at child molesters. In fact you even talk like a brainwashed person does. You do not face reality. You do follow men.Everything negative applies to Jehovah witnesses. In fact me myself was one up until 9 years ago.When I read Ray Franz’s book, that was it. Ray was on the governing body for 9 years. And could not take it any more. It was all a pipi dream to him.He told it all. He was too nice a guy to belong to such a cold hearted bunch of book publishers dressed in a religious suit. They are now under investigation of child molestation by the Australia government. Not by apostates which you people blame all your problems on. No it is now a government doing it. Better get out while you can. They are being sued by hundreds of kids that were molested. The watchtower is paying out millions of dollars in molestation cases. How do you feel knocking on a door and that is brought to your attention? I would be ashamed to knock on a persons door with that reputation. How can you face people? Elders are quitting because they will be sued also.I know many that are stepping down. For their own good. This shows that they were only holding on their positions for the glory of it. No more. They are jumping ship fast as they can. I was in that nonsense for 32 years. But no more. Free at last free at last. I thank Almighty God for releasing me.

  59. I was a dedicated, baptized Witness for 12 years. I temporary pioneered whenever I could, and I had parts at Circuit Assemblies. I truly loved learning the Bible. The Witnesses did teach me a lot. Prior to becoming baptized as a JW, I was born and raised into an Irish Catholic family.

    However, I saw the “lack of genuine brotherly love” for others who were not baptized …just studied but never got baptized! Also, I despised the hypocrisy. I saw elders’ teenagers behaving one way and not getting publicly reproved. However, publishers who got drunk, were publicly reproved. Such a double standard which I did not agree with or respect!

    The priests in the Catholic religion who were pedophiles were abhorrent! Yes, they are part of Christendom, but non the less …still child molesters and calling themselves Christians. Totally disgusting!! Then I found out the same thing was going on with lots of JW kids by elders and/or ministerial servants! Check out http://www.Silentlambs.com. So, these dirty little secrets are going on behind closed doors and if the child/teenager reports the crime to the Police, then the JW child/teenager is disfellowshipped? Arevyou kidding me?! Now we have a “Theocratic Organization” that is committing FELONIES and therevis a COVER UP and that is alright is Jehovah’s eyes?! What is the difference between Catholic priests and these JWs who are committing the same crime?

    Some of the elders felt they were above the law! What a joke!

    I disassociated myself with this cult! Their views of 1914 changed. 1975 came and went! 750,000 Witnesses left after 1975 came and went. They believe in Replacement Theology which is NOT Bible based. There are many brothers in Bethel who are gay! This cult shatters a person’s dreams and then the WT Society takes absolutely no ACCOUNTABILITY for their actions! It divides families when a family member is disfellowshipped. Many exJWs have committed suicide after losing their family. Let’s be real here …we live in a broken world. Most everyone is either hurting or broken in one way or another. Where is the love that Jesus taught rather than the condemnation and shame? Jesus said, “You will know my disciples by the love they have among themselves.” I got to the point where I could not find this love. So, I gave up my college dreams and ambitions for 12 years. Then it was time to leave this cult and pursue my educational dreams in life!! That I did. Even the “Truth Bk” had a chapter explaining the importance as to why it is wise to examine your religion. Check it out bc I studied that book. The JWs need to practice what they preach to others. Maybe if you look deep inside you will open up your eyes. After all, Jesus said the Pharisees of his day were hypocrites and they had the same self-righteous attitude like the Witnesses do today (not all of them but some of them do).

    Bottom line: Everyone will definitely be accountable before Jehovah God …even the Witnesses!!!

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