Celebrate 1914 to 2014: End of an “Error”

A Message from Barbara Anderson. . .

Announcing a Website to Celebrate 1914 to 2014: The End of an Error for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

On October 2, 1914, Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Watch Tower, announced that “The Gentile Times have ended!”

None of his expectations about 1914 came true, but Jehovah’s Witnesses have continually accepted updates to the “1914 doctrine, allowing them to cling to that date for 100 years. But the Watch Tower’s grip on 1914 is coming loose.

One of the most basic ideas behind the “1914 doctrine” was that no one would be questioning it 100 years later. The very definition of the “1914 generation” that would live to see Armageddon has required numerous doctrinal “adjustments” as the years have passed. The 100-year milestone has, therefore, become more like a “millstone” around the Watchtower’s neck.

So while the Watch Tower Society ostensibly celebrates, it is really only highlighting its own errors.

That’s why we’re announcing a new web site: http://www.ad1914.com/ (available online October 1, 2014). This website truly celebrates the life experiences of so many Jehovah’s Witnesses who studied the matter closely “to see whether these things were so.” (Acts 17:11)

What they found, of course, put them at odds with the leaders of their religion and a faith to which they had dedicated their lives. The treatment many of them suffered from fellow members was shocking and, in many cases, this came even from their closest loved ones. Yet they persevered for the sake of the truth. Their stories are amazing.

On the new website you will be able to read about the experiences of Raymond Franz, former member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. And Carl Olof Jonsson, who researched the 1914 chronology so thoroughly that the Watch Tower Society never even attempted a serious rebuttal. Read the experiences that have been submitted by Jim Penton, Alan Feuerbacher, Rud Persson, Randy Watters, Nestor and Toni Kuilan, Poul Bregninge, Max Hatton, Achille Aveta, Jean Eason, Duane Magnani, Ron Frye, and many more.

The site will also present information and resources so that those who still believe in “1914” can reconsider what they’re clinging to. Now is the opportune time for Jehovah’s Witnesses to “make sure of all things; hold fast to what is fine.” (1 Thess. 5:21)


Barbara Anderson’s discoveries and documentation can be found on her website, WatchtowerDocuments.org.

15 thoughts on “Celebrate 1914 to 2014: End of an “Error”

  1. Thank you, Merice. My time on this site has been somewhat limited in recent months due to other major projects, but it will be alive and kicking for a long time to come. Look for a major redesign in the months to come. [Webmaster/Editor]

  2. Seems that the error continues. Millions of Jw’s still feeding on the conflicted regurgitation of a few career men in Bethel. The ORG is continues its failed adherence to a completely failed date.

  3. Thank you so very much for all your words, I am so very happy to have found you (this web site) as I was a JW for 25 years of my life and have left it. But am still struggling with the damage my X-husb. now and elder, is doing to his 3 sons, (now grown men) still seeking love & acceptance from a father that would rather look to help his congregation rather then his own children. This web site may help me to help them. So again Thank you!!

  4. I was first exposed to the Witnesses while stationed in Germany in 1971 in the USAF. My fiirst wife took to it very quickly. I was very sceptical. I was an avid researcher and student of history. I was somewhat astounded by their knowledge of history and understanding of the scriptures. I was impressed by their denunciation of hellfire eternal sufferring, the trinity, and the true nature of the Christ. I purchased copies of the Greek septuigent, Latin vulgate, as well as the translation of the earliest copies of the Hebrew scriptures and found their teachings very sound.

    This convinced me to join and be immersed in 1974 shortly after my first divorce. She rapidly remarried to a ministerial servant and took my daughter from me. I later became a “Regular Pioneer” and later a ministerial servant and “Special Pioneer”. I never had an earthly hope and partook of emblems. This caused a great consternation and amazement among the different congregations I served. Some people thought I was not worthy. However, I knew my relationship with my Father Jehovah and His Son Jesus and I was filled with the Holy Spirit. With great confidence in that I pressed forward preaching and teaching. I felt a kinship to older annointed ones and they accepted me without doubt.
    I was sent with another special pioneer and elder to a troubled congregation in northern MI. We served there for two years until I met what would be my second wife a regular pioneer (raised as a witness) from WI at an assembly. We became a team and she was assigned as a special pioneer with me. We were sent to serve another congregation nearby. It became evident to me on the honeymoon that she had severe psychological issues. She became so uncontollable that we had to resign as special pioneers and moved to her home congregation and served as ministerial servant there and once more became regular pioneers. After three years of marriage I was totally frustrated being a long sufferring and understanding husband untill… one morning I awoke from the mobile home and walked to her fathers house only to find her dressed in a tee shirt and panties playing grab-a__ with her father in bed. My mouth fell open and I was in total shock. Her mother walked by me saw my countenance and rolled her eyes offerring me coffee.
    Like the apostle Paul the scales fell from my eyes and all of a sudden I truelly realized the plight I was in.
    Trying to save the marriage I got a job and left regular pioneering and we moved away from her father. Things only got worse in the marriage. I intentionally commited adultry to disolve the marriage. I never returned to a congregation after that.
    I used my VA benefits and worked to become a civilian proffessional pilot. A goal that had been always close to my heart.
    Did I forsake Jehovah and my calling? Absolutely not. I still partake of the emblems, read the sciptures and maintain my personal relationship.
    This all took place in 1979 the same time when there was a purge of good of the good and faithful men of the governing body. I literally felt Jehovah’s spirit vacating the Watchtower Bible and tract Society, Inc. After that they began creating their own dogma’s as well as taking people’s consciences away from them by making their own laws of right and wrong. I never agreed with their policy of alienating friends and relatives.
    My niece who became a witness was extremely cruel to my sister and her own father even after accepting a lot of financial help from them even to this day.
    This type of hypocrisy turned my stomach. No I am not perfect and I sin daily. Thanks to the ransom sacrifice of our King Jesusand his glorious ressurrection I look forward to my prize. I have been happily married to my third wife who is Catholic for 26 years. I have been flying for for 36 years.
    Leaving the Watchtower Bible & Tract Corporation does not mean you have to lose your faith! Hold your head up raise your eyes to heaven and praise Jehovah and His Son Jesus everyday!

  5. This is a note to Pamela Zeigler:
    For years I was denied my right as her natural father to visit my daughter. When she was sixteen her Watchtower parents packed her bags and sent her to me.
    I remember her showing up at my front door with bags in hand, crying. I asked her in and threw my arms around her and held her and told her she was safe.
    It took a couple of years for her to readjust. I was patient and now she is 46 with a good job and has a good grip on her spirituality, I am proud of her. Keep the faith Pamela and continue praying with an honest heart.

  6. I was a JW for over 60 years. I served as an elder and was a travelling speaker. Several years ago I started researching dates like 1914 as a result of the “Overlapping Generations” WT article. The more I studied the WT publications the more untruth I uncovered. The Bible simply did not say what they were teaching. My baptism vows were made to Jehovah & Jesus Christ not the Organization (as they have changed them to be) – The real revelation (pardon the pun) came when I read Ray Franz book “Crisis of Conscience” – which changed my life. My wife of 42 years and I are now fading and feel a true sense of freedom and peace compared to the pressure we faced trying to keep up the WT image of a faithful Christian. It saddens me to read of all the abuses and hypocrisy faced by many posters here. Our Creator knows what is in the heart and we all stand by His judgement of us.
    Peace and Happiness to all who get free from the JW cult.

  7. They are a Cult and at best a real estate scam.I still have relatives that are active hypocrites.Drunks,Adulterers,criminals and mentally unstable is the norm for south Floridah congregations.Did I mention wife swapping?Nasty people once you get to know them or run a criminal background.My dog has better morals.

  8. I was raised as a JW and strayed away around the age of 16. My parents were both raised as JWs so they didn’t know any better and did what they thought was right. As a result of my not practicing I have no grandparents I have basically have been shunned. Without practicing I turned out to become a very amazing strong lady and a good mother. I just last week became bothered about how I was brought up after watching escaping a cult my life in a cult. And I realized I was very much raised on cult like behavior. The fact that my grandmother loves all the brothers and sisters and elders and not me her own blood makes me sick. This is a struggle for me. She has taught me the best lesson by treating me so horrible I now know what kind of woman I NEVER want to be. I still live with the brainwashing I was given as a kid that too is disgusting. My grandmother is a hypocrite if I were to dish money out to her she would speak to me she is a user. My cousin who joined the miltary and kisses her butt and gives money is a golden child why because she uses her to her benefit. I could go on and on about my life and how the world of JWs as had a negitive affect. And don’t you think they have their 144,000 anoited ones so why continue to convert more people and destroy more lives. I wish everyone on this site well.

  9. My Sis’ Husband sat with me in 2001 and did long-hand math – showing me exactly when “the end” was. I have always wondered if this fascination is to support the apocalyptic mantra that the WTBS conculcates into their lives. Only God knows as per scripture – are the witnesses interpreting something different in these passages, or are they simply omitting to better fit their narrative? Thank You Barbara, a real eye-opener.

  10. Is there any body in sth eastern suburbs of Victoria Australia that is an ex member ? I need someone to talk too. I feel I’m at my wits end and don’t know how much longer I can keep living

  11. I have uncovered so many lies and false hypocricies from our organization, that, to continue would be eqivalent to refusing to look outside to see daylight and declaring that the sun is not real. Be nice if somebody sends me an e-mail. I am freaked out now.

  12. TO “Mike”
    please do not include “mentally unstable” with the likes of drunks, cheaters, and criminals. I’m sure you didn’t think before you wrote that, but mental illness is just that- it’s an ILLNESS, and it’s not an addiction, and it’s not a choice. There are so many problems that we humans face, but feeling like a criminal and an outcast for an illness over which the individual has NO physical control over should not be one of those problems.

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