Norwegian Media Exposes Watchtower Scandals

Beginning in early December, Norwegian newspapers, magazines and television station have decided to take on the powerful Watchtower Society and expose its unpleasant secrets and facts that have been unknown and hidden from the public. It is unlikely that Jehovah’s Witnesses in any country have ever seen such an onslaught of information about their religion. Historically, Jehovah’s Witnesses usually get generally positive treatments of their history and theology when they are holding conventions or dedicating new Kingdom Halls.

Candace Conti has changed all that. By taking the Watchtower Society to court, Miss Conti exposed its ineffective and law-breaking treatment of sexual offenders, particularly child abusers. Now revealed in publicly available court records widely published on several blogs and websites, the world now knows how the Watchtower instructs Kingdom Hall elders to ignore local laws – and only to take action if they get permission from Watchtower Legal or their Branch offices.

Miss Conti has been able to expose the hypocrisy of Watchtower leaders who claim to have policies in place to protect children and women – and then forces elders to use their “two witness” rules before they actually take any meaningful action against alleged or confirmed child molesters.

It appears that both the media and government authorities in Norway are taking the Watchtower to task over its protection of abusers over children in their local congregations. Read the articles for yourself.

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