Five books you should read about Jehovah’s Witnesses

Are you currently a Jehovah’s Witness or someone studying with the Witnesses and considering being baptized? Maybe you are a non-Witness family member who wants to get more background about the religion. Or are you an ex-JW wanting more information to support a decision to remain outside of the Watchtower organization?

Here are five great books that we can easily recommend that are available through local bookstores and We feel that these books are educational and informative about the Witness religion and history, but do not present the facts in an angry or totally negative manner.

In our order of preference [click on book title for more information]:

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Love and the Watchtower

Jehovah’s Witnesses completely fail to follow the instruction of Jesus Christ “to love your neighbor as yourself.” How they can claim to be God’s chosen people when they do not follow the most basic of His commandments?JW Rejection
Jehovah’s Witnesses have always tried to promote the idea that their organization is the earthly representation of God’s love through Jesus Christ. Beginning in the early days of the Bible Students under Charles Taze Russell, they have called each other “brother” and “sister” as a representation of their special relationship that is not unlike that of a large family.

When a potential new convert is studying with an active Witness, he or she is smothered with love from not only the person who comes to their home – but from all of the other members of the local Kingdom Hall whenever they start attending meetings.

After they accept “The Truth” and submit to baptism, they realize that Witness “love” comes with a lot of conditions. They will soon find that the relationships they had when they were in the conversion stage will change after they become regular JWs.

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