A-plus Ex-JW Sites

  • JW Survey
    Founded and edited by “Cedars,” a former JW elder from the UK. In addition to maintaining a public survey, the site publishes well-written and timely articles. The fastest growing readership among all JW discussion blogs.
  • Watchtower Observer
    Kent Steinhaug’s classic anti-Watchtower website is back! Mostly off-line since 2005, this new version resurrects Kent’s critical news articles originally published between 1998-2004. Many articles include updates. This is a classic!
  • Watchtower Watch
    Cutting edge website designed for maximum educational value. Focuses on current Watchtower publications, unique personal testimonies and educated opinions. Provides current JW news feeds. Most of the material offered can not be found anywhere else online.


  • Governing Body Letters
    Interesting but somewhat disorganized Blogger site hosted by “Theocratic Joker.” Awkward at times to navigate, this site has a ton of WT insider information and documents. Take a look.
  • Jehovah's Witness Reporter
    Quick and dirty Tumblr site. Short posts, lots of videos and graphics. News and announcement blog that serves as support to another (not yet announced) site that will focus on information and literature offered through JW.org.

Book Sites

  • Out of the Cocoon
    Brenda Lee’s website dedicated to anyone who has experienced abuse, alcoholism, depression, or a parent’s rejection due to being raised in a cult. Lot’s of supporting material and ordering information. Her book has become a classic.
  • Richard E. Kelly
    Personal site of the author of “Growing Up in Mama’s Club- a Childhood Perspective of Jehovah’s Witnesses,” his memoir of growing up in a Jehovah’s Witness family. Site includes additional background and ordering information.
  • Watchtower Books Store
    This site is a retailer for mostly out of print Watchtower Society publications. Claims to be the largest online store offering original materials including Watchtower, Awake!, Golden Age and Consolation magazines. Some items can be pricey.

Documents & History

  • Jehovah's Witnesses Exposed
    Located in a subdirectory of this Canadian based website, this somewhat dated resource is full of interesting historical perspectives of JW teachings and scandals. Well worth a visit…
  • Truth Before Lies
    This site is still being updated. Good intentions to be encouraged. Offers links to very valuable documentation, PDF version of older Watchtower publications, and other resources. Give this one a long and close look. See also JW Media Films (above).
  • Watchtower Documents LLC
    You want proof? Barbara Anderson’s got plenty of proof. Spend hours viewing copies of actual documents, newspaper clippings, and old Watchtower publications. Great site for writers, researchers, and those who just have to prove the facts to themselves!

Ex-JW Information

  • Doc Bob's Jehovah's Witness Website
    “Doc” Bob, a former JW pioneer and elder, left after 22 years when he found things about the Watchtower to be troublesome. He realized that JWs were not spiritual but organizational. Good site to rummage around in for odd new fact or two.
  • JW Struggle
    A well-designed and informative blog with a good selection of videos, personal stories, and critiques of Watchtower history, policy, and beliefs.
  • JWFacts.com – Facts About Jehovah's Witnesses
    Paul Grundy’s Australian based site. Contains a broad range of information, both from historical and theological viewpoints. Site design is a little overwhelming and outdated, but well worth the time and effort to visit and learn.
  • Six Screens of the Watchtower
    A unique site with moderated free weekend conference calls exposing Watchtower secrets and lies. Rick Fearon has turned this site into a multimedia extravaganza that provides a wide range of personal testimony.

Forums & Support Groups

  • Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses (AAWA.co)
    AAWA was formed in March 2013 as a resource for activists speaking out against harmful Watchtower policies. Provides news and personal stories. Good resource for videos, flyers, and handouts. Has a Forum with an active team of dedicated volunteers.
  • Channel C
    Channel C maintains a somewhat restricted membership and focused discussions. Good site for lurking and for general reading. Excellent panel of some prominent former JWs. Site administrator will accept submitted questions for panel discussions.
  • Ex-Jehovah's Witness Forum and Recovery Site
    A very open forum with a broad range of defined categories. This forum can be a lot of fun to browse through and membership is open to almost anyone with some connection to the JWs. Most forum members are well informed with a sense of humor.
  • Jehovah's Witness Recovery
    Website and forum that provides a generally positive and encouraging environment for former Jehovah’s Witnesses, to help their transition from the organization into normal society.
  • Jehovah's Witness Discussion Forum
    The largest ex-JW Internet forum. Originally a discussion board for Jehovah’s Witnesses, it morphed into the central gathering place for ex-JWs, unhappy Witnesses, and other contributors. Experiencing some technical problems (June, 2009).
  • JW Match
    Commercial dating site for single Jehovah’s Witnesses in the USA. Looking for a red hot date with a “lover of Jehovah”? Not sure if this should be in the “Pro-Watchtower” or “Scandals & Secrets” categories…

General Information and News

  • Jehovah's Witness Report
    Newly created, this site is still under development. It’s designed to be a “news aggregation” site much like Huffington Post, somewhat like Watchtower Observer was from 1998-2004. Expected to be fully operational by Summer 2014.

Personal Testimonies

  • Atheist Geek News
    The “Geek” isn’t spreading atheism, nor being overly critical of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Definitely not a “hate the Watchtower” or a “become an atheist” site. A very insightful and entertaining blog with a slightly off-center approach to its subjects…


  • Jehovah's Witnesses – Official Media Web Site
    Official media outlet from the Watchtower organization. Presents a very limited and sanitized view of the WT and its beliefs. Generic and unexciting….
  • Worldwide Association of Jehovah's Witnesses
    An official Watchtower website providing MP3 and AAC audio versions of recent Watchtower and Awake! magazine articles. Also audio versions of recent Yearbook and other study books. Provides a look-up for upcoming convention dates and locations…

Scandals & Secrets

  • Associated Jehovah's Witnesses for Reform on Blood
    A new version of the site is coming online soon [Spring 2014]. Provides hard to find information about the Watchtower’s ever changing position on blood and transfusion therapy. You will be amazed at the number of doctrinal changes on this subject.
  • Silent Lambs
    Supportive, yet gutsy site dedicated to tell the background stories of the many cases of child abuse within the Watchtower organization. This site is worth your time and your support…
  • Watchtower Lies
    Well presented French and English language website that clearly presents most of the scandals and questionable practices connected to the Watchtower Society…

Video & Audio Sites

  • Cult Free Radio (UStream)
    “MadSweeney’s” bi-weekly podcast discussing how to combat the influence of cults (like Jehovah’s Witnesses) and lead confused and misguided followers to personal freedom. Includes audio recordings of past broadcasts…
  • JW Media Films
    A relatively new video site connected to the website www.TruthBeforeLies.com. Excellent and well constructed videos with strong preparation and documentation. Ranks among the very best video sites. Spend some time checking this one out.
  • Watchtower Comments
    A great collection of high quality informative videos about Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Society. Produced by an active JW, this site tries to be very even handed and informative. See website for direct YouTube link.

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