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Menlo Park: Elder Tells All – 1

Readers of Ex-Jw.com who have been following this story know that on January 6, 2012 Federal Judge Maria-Elena James dismissed the lawsuit filed by two former elders of the Menlo Park (California) Kingdom Hall, Jonathan D. Cobb Sr. and Walter Arlen St. Clair. (See Menlo Park Kingdom Hall Lawsuit Dismissed .) Since then a concurrent civil case […]

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“Dubs for Dummies”

By “Farkel” Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Worldwide Brotherhood of Jehovah’s Witnesses™, There has been much public interest in our beliefs lately, so we have prepared a very brief summary of our core beliefs in a new pamphlet which you may offer to interested persons. Hopefully, this pamphlet will generate enough interest with honest-hearted […]

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Takeover in Menlo Park – Part One

A small group of Jehovah’s Witnesses, former elders at the Menlo Park (CA) Kingdom Hall, have filed a lawsuit in federal district court charging several ranking representatives of the Watchtower Society with “Conspiracy, Conspiracy to Commit Fraud, Collusion, Fraud, Extortion, Defamation, Mail and Wire Fraud, and Religious Fraud.” [United States District Court For the Northern […]

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BBC goes to a Kingdom Hall

“The One Show,”  is a magazine show with topical reports, features and interviews from around the UK. It’s very similar to ABC’s “Night Line” or “Entertainment Tonight” in the USA. “The One Show” appears on the BBC1-TV network at 7:00 PM after local news. After several stories about the deaths of faithful Jehovah’s Witnesses who […]

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Kingdom Halls – Who owns them?

Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t “go to church;” they attend meetings at a “Kingdom Hall.” Unlike most traditional churches, Kingdom Halls do not have altars or Christian crosses (even though the JWs are “Christian”). You won’t find religious icons, paintings, or statues of Jesus, Mary, or any saints. Nor will you won’t find an orchestra pit or […]