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Child Abuse and Jehovah’s Witnesses

June 4th, 2013, 22 Comments

By Stephanie Hammond If you found out that a man you trusted had molested your child, how would you feel? What would you do? For most parents their natural reactions would include anger, devastation, pain, and anguish. Many parents say they would need an “act of God” to prevent them from physically castrating the violator. […]

Sudbury Elders: Reconsider Your Actions

April 6th, 2012, 3 Comments

By Rory Sullivan Editor’s Introduction: Even though this letter has appeared on other websites by now, Mr. Sullivan was kind enough to let me to publish and share his excellent thought-provoking “open letter” with our readers. He brings up issues that should concern all Jehovah’s Witnesses, but especially those honest-hearted Jehovah’s Witnesses who must carry […]

Coping with False Prophecy

January 30th, 2012, 3 Comments

By Cynthia Hampton For several years I have been honored to coordinate and moderate a Jehovah’s Witness support group based in Los Angeles and San Jose, California. Our group stays in touch by using the Yahoo!Groups email system and through our website. I recently received the following question from a non-member of the group […]

Confronting Misinformation

March 29th, 2011, No Comments

I am currently writing a sequel, The Ghosts from Mama’s Club. It’s an autobiography of my forty-seven years of life after leaving the Club. The “ghosts” in the book are dysfunctional behavior patterns, toxic residue acquired from the time my family and I spent as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Elder reveals his secret

January 28th, 2011, 9 Comments

By “Shadow Elder, Jr.” A few weeks ago, my father and I were out working together in the door-to-door preaching work. That morning only four of us showed up at the Kingdom Hall –my dad and I, and a married brother and sister. The other couple announced that they only had a little over an […]

A letter to the Watchtower

January 23rd, 2011, 8 Comments

By “AA” Editor’s Note: This is a copy of “AA’s” letter to the Watchtower. He wrote this when he had just started his intensive research into their beliefs and history. He never received a reply back from anyone at headquarters (he says it might have been because he didn’t include “Attn: Writing Committee” when he […]

Douglas’s Story

December 15th, 2010, No Comments

By Gordon Smith As ill-luck would have it, I was born in 1964 to an unyielding Witness father who, as I was to discover, was intent on proving himself to be more holy than Swiss cheese. If that weren’t enough to be getting on with, my two older siblings and I regularly suffered the effects […]

Discovering the “Truth” – My three years as a JW

November 22nd, 2010, No Comments

By Ian Haynes In 1951 I was born into a loving, though somewhat nominal, Christian family, and dedicated to God in a Baptist Church. Growing up with my sister, we occasionally attended Baptist and Anglican services with mum and dad. Every night, before going to sleep, mum taught us to pray: “Gentle Jesus, meek and […]

An Interesting Twist in a Child Custody Case

November 10th, 2010, No Comments

By Richard E. Kelly Although a bit apprehensive at first, I was recently asked to help a non-JW mom in a child custody hearing. Due to the story of my own childhood, Growing Up in Mama’s Club – A Childhood Perspective of Jehovah’s Witnesses, she believed I could help convince the court that her three […]

100 Speak Out

July 3rd, 2010, 3 Comments

Phinehas Treptow has taken on a big project and set himself an admirable goal to complete over the next few months. He wants to interview 100 former Jehovah’s Witnesses and their families. Phineas will be making a unique documentary that will allow former Jehovah’s Witnesses to tell their own personal stories. He’s investing his time […]

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